An Intimate Weekend Experience

Celebrating the release of LD689

The very first heavily-peated port cask ever released by Lark Distillery, LD689 won Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards in 2016. To celebrate this phenomenal whisky we’ve partnered with Hydrowood to bring you a highly unique, never-to-be-repeated Tasmanian weekend experience influenced by the whisky, the waters, and the wood.

Fly by helicopter to the secluded Hydrowood site at Lake Pieman, hidden away on the remote West Coast of Tasmania. Enjoy an exclusive tasting of LD689 guided by Bill Lark atop the waters of the lake, while witnessing the harvesting of rare Tasmanian timber from the depths below.  Hand-dig your own peat at the Lark peat field, and discover the unique characteristics that impact our award-winning whisky. Savour an unforgettable feast at Landscape Restaurant & Grill, where Head Chef Oli Mellers will curate a dining experience influenced by whisky, and prepared using staves from Lark Distillery casks and your very own hand-dug peat. Your personally signed bottle of LD689 will be presented to you in a premium box, handmade from Hydrowood’s uniquely-harvested, premium Tasmanian timber.

* Please note: price does not include flights in and out of Tasmania.

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Hydrowood Weekend Experience

The Whisky

LD689 is the first Heavily Peated Port Cask ever to be released by Lark Distillery. After four years of maturation in one 50L cask, there are just 30 bottles of this liquid gold. It won Best Australian Single Cast Single Malt at the 2016 World Whiskies Awards.

Sourced, designed and distilled by locals, the Limited Release Port Cask is a true Tasmanian collaboration from concept to creation. The whisky is distilled, bottled and labelled by hand in the heart of the Coal River Valley by Lark’s experienced distillers, and housed in wooden boxes beautifully crafted by Simon Ancher with wood sourced and supplied by Hydrowood from Tasmania’s west coast.

NOSE: Pine and woodsmoke with some marzipan and vanilla.
PALATE: Goji berries and a little baked banana, with oily fruits and boiled sweets.
FINISH: Lingering sweets, cranberries and strawberries remain across a pleasant finish.

A Tasmanian Collaboration

The Timber: Hydrowood

Below the waters of Lake Pieman on Tasmania’s west coast lies a treasure hidden for over 25 years. An ancient forest lost to the deep, dark waters. Hydrowood source and supply the kind of wood that craftsmen and master builders dream of working with. Wood with a story to tell, a character like no other, and in quantities thought never to be seen again.

The presentation box for LD689 is handmade from premium Hydrowood timber, harvested from the depths of Lake Pieman.

The Boots: Blundstone

They are rugged, with their own natural beauty and distinctive look and feel. Built tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. There is no place on Earth like Tasmania and no boots on Earth like the ones that were born there. They are more than just boots. They are Blundstones.

You will be supplied with your own pair of Blundstones for your exclusive tasting on Lake Pieman.

The Accomodation: Henry Jones Art Hotel

The Henry Jones Art Hotel is a fusion of history and modernity, art and design, indulgence and discovery. Australia’s first dedicated art hotel, The Henry Jones merges one of Tasmania’s most significant industrial heritage sites—H. Jones and Co. Pty. Ltd. IXL—with modern design and contemporary art to create a luxurious accommodation experience.

The Henry Jones Art Hotel will provide the luxury accomodation for your stay in Tasmania.

The Boxes: Simon Ancher Studio

Launceston-based Simon Ancher is an award-winning designer with a collaborative spirit, driven by passion and a commitment to sustainable design practices. With a background in both Furniture Design and Environmental Design, Simon’s work focuses on detail, simple forms and a preference for Tasmanian timbers.

LD689 comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box, handcrafted by Simon Ancher.

Full Itinerary


Day One: 
 Guests make their own way to Hobart.
5pmMeet at the Henry Jones Art Hotel for cocktails & canapés.
6pmVisit Lark Distillery for an evening tour of our unique operation and a presentation on barrel management in maturation.
7pmDinner at Frogmore Creek, curated by Head Chef Ruben Koopman.
Day Two: 
8amBreakfast at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.
10amHelicopter to the iconic Lake Pieman for a demonstration with Hydrowood. Learn how they are sustainably harvesting unique timbers from Tasmania’s untouched wilderness.
12pmGuided whisky tasting with Bill Lark on Lake Pieman.
Day Two (Cont’d): 
1pmHelicopter to the Lark peat field to hand-dig your own peat. Discover the unique profile and makeup of Tasmanian peat and learn how it impacts your whisky.
3pmHelicopter back to the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart to freshen up. Optional visit to the Lark Cellar Door and Bar.
7pmDinner at the Landscape Restaurant & Grill, curated by Head Chef Oli Mellers, matching whisky and peat influences with remarkable wine and local spirits.
Guests will be presented with their personally signed bottles of LD689.
Day Three: 
9amBreakfast at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.
 Guests make their own way home.

* Please note: price does not include flights in and out of Tasmania.

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