Volume #10

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 10


“The BBC launched a three-part documentary called ‘Scotch! The Story of Whisky’ near the end of last year, presented by David Hayman. Lark and the Tasmanian Whisky Industry featured heavily in episode three, however without a bit of chin-wagging in Scotland, we may have been bypassed completely.

While David was visiting Glenkinchie Distillery in Scotland he was shown around by my Dad, John Johnstone. When they mentioned Tasmania and the global craft movement, my dad mentioned that his son was across in Tasmania working with a team of young upstarts continuing the good work of Bill Lark. The next day, the producer sent me an email to see if they could come and see what we were all about. They showed up a month later and were mesmerised by the small size of the place, the passion of our team and the sheer commitment to quality. Definitely a worthwhile trip!

It still amazes me the global reach we have. I often wonder if Bill had any inkling about how massive his revolution would become.”

— Craig Johnstone, Distillery Manager

Volume 10 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 10th, 2017.
Lemon meringue, lavender and spiced red apples, with flavours of white chocolate, citrus, jam donuts and honey. A confectioner’s dream.

RR-10 | 68.6% ABV | 500ml | $280.00