Volume #11

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 11


“In 1998 our first commercial barrel of whisky was ready to be released. This Scottish bloke came in one day and said, ‘What is it you’re doing in here; you can’t be making whisky?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, we are as a matter of fact.’ He asked for a taste and I said, ‘I can’t do that, I’m sorry — I’ve only got a very small amount, but I can sell you a taste for $3.’ He didn’t like that!

He paid his three dollars and I gave him a taste, and after his first sip he went straight to the back door. I thought he was going to spit it out! But he yelled out, ‘Mary! Come in here! They’re making whisky, and it’s not bad!’

He bought three bottles.”

— Bill Lark, Founder

Volume 11 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 11th, 2017.
Dark chocolate, vanilla, honey and lemon turning to sweet peat and oak smoke. Deep port notes and butterscotch hint at a hidden masterpiece painted over.

RR-11 | 69.3% ABV | 500ml | $280.00