Volume #12

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 12


“During one of the first Saffire Freycinet whisky weekends, one of the activities was a chartered helicopter to our peat bog in the central highlands. Robbie Gilligan — one of our cellar door guys at the time, who’s now at Redlands — and I were tasked with going up beforehand and having lunch set up for them. We came up with the brilliant idea to take the Chesterfield armchairs from the cellar door for the guests to sit on, rather than the cheap plastic camp chairs we already had up there.

So we headed up nice and early on Saturday morning with the two Chesterfields on the back of the ute, wrapped up in tarps. We got the lunch cooking and wine chilling, and set up this immaculate dinner table overlooking the peat bog with loaves of bread, wine, and fruit, and we finished this just as I got a text from Bill saying they were leaving. We estimated it’d take the helicopter about half an hour, and it was a beautiful day, very cold but crisp, so we decided to have a little whisky and warm up. We poured ourselves a dram (borrowed from Bill’s collection) and wandered down to sit in the chesterfields. The plan, of course, was to head back up before they got there and be dutifully cooking and getting things ready when the guests arrived. No sooner had we sat down and taken a sip, this helicopter comes straight over the hill behind us, and you can see all these people staring at us while we’re laying back with our feet up, sipping our whisky.

They’d obviously seen us and there was no point pretending otherwise, so we sort of just went with it. Luckily we’d taken some tasting glasses up with us, so we wandered over and told them we’d been expecting them and poured them each a glass of whisky!”

— Rob Tyson, Tour Manager & Operations

Volume 12 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 12th, 2017.
Vanilla, caramel, lemon grass, lemon zest and malted barley are followed up with mint, toffee and roast hazelnuts turning to smoked brisket and peat smoke.

RR-12 | 67.0% ABV | 500ml | $280.00