Volume #2

#TheRevolutionRelease| Volume 2


“I was 21, and it was my first day unsupervised on the job. End of a twelve-hour day, I’m ready to go home. I’m up on the ladder in front of the fermenter, putting the lid in place, and on the way back down the ladder… I slip. I knock open the latch and land on the floor. 1200L of sugary liquid pours on top of me — a ten inch whirlpool, twelve hours of work, literally swirling down the drain. Everything had to be scrubbed. I was there, sugary and sticky, until midnight.

Monday morning comes around, I walk in and Bill looks pissed off. I’m sure I’m about to be fired, but I’ve decided whatever, I didn’t even like the job anyway. After what seems like a lifetime Bill, finally bursts out laughing. He sits at the bar with me, and makes me retell the story to everyone who comes through the door until two in the afternoon. Then it’s back to work. I never did it again.”

— Chris Thomson, Head Distiller

Volume 2 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 2nd, 2017.
Bold butterscotch, vanilla, florals, citrus and oak tannins. Some burnt toffee on the nose and a good oily mouth feel.

RR-02 | 64.7% ABV | 500ml | $280.00