Volume #20

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 20

2008/09 (Cont’d from yesterday, v19)

“So Mark started up running tours. When we first got our tour bus Mark was quite adamant that we needed some signage for it, and in the end he just went to one of his mates who worked for a signwriters. He’d been reading this strange book called ‘The Secret Still’. Half folklore, half fact, it was about the history of illicit distilling in Scotland, and he’d come across a story that kind of tickled his fancy. Back in those days the first Church of Scotland looked down very heavily on alcohol. All the farmers were still making their illegal alcohol, as they always had on the side, but it was very hard for them to get to their customers without the church seeing what was going on — they had to come up with a way to get it out.

So they got this old mobile butcher. He would butcher the animals and take payment in meat, travelling across the island, dropping off legs of lamb and things like that. They have this guy who has free access across the island, and nobody asks where he’s going because it’s very clear: he’s got a big van and he makes lots of deliveries. Perfect person. He’d get a leg of lamb, take the bone out, and hide a bottle of whisky inside. He was known as ‘the Drambulance’ by those in the know, and that became the name of our tour bus. It managed to bring together many of Mark’s great loves: whisky, butchers, and literature.”

—Rob Tyson, Tour Manager &Operations

Volume 20 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 20th, 2017.
Oranges, mandarins, grapefruit and bacon. Chocolate mud cake with a bramble jam filling.
RR-20| 60.4% ABV | 500ml | $280.00