Volume #3

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 3


“Our first barrels came from Schahingers, in South Australia. They were new oak, but we went and bought flagons of sherry from the bottleshop and filled them up with sherry for a few months.

Oak has a cell structure that allows the whisky to breathe but not leak. I did try local wood at one point; I asked Schahingers if I could send them some Tasmanian Myrtle and Leatherwood to make a barrel for me, and they said, ‘Yep, but it’ll leak.’ They said they’d tried every timber in Australia. I didn’t believe him, so I made myself a little Leatherwood barrel.

Leaked like a sieve.”

— Bill Lark, Founder

Volume 3 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 3rd, 2017.
Satsuma plums lend elegance to a very pretty and enticing nose. Well balanced with lingering sweet sherbert hints suggesting bourbon oak.

RR-03 | 62.3% ABV | 500ml | $280.00