Volume #4

#TheRevolutionRelease | Volume 4

c. 2015

“Over time, Bill developed a friendship with Casey Overeem, who lived down his way at Blackman’s Bay. Thirteen years after Lark began distilling, Casey joined Bill and Kristy on one of their trips to Scotland. On his return Casey built himself a little shed below the house and put in the world’s most wonderful man-cave, which became Overeem Distillery.

After Casey eventually started Overeem, Bill matured his barrels in Casey’s warehouse for a time and Casey was buying his whisky wash from Lark, and so the hand-and-glove relationship between Overeem and Lark goes back to those earlier days. There’s always been a very happy relationship there, and I think that relationship is part of the key reason why the Tasmanian whisky industry has remained so collegial.”

— Mark Nicholson (Mr. Nic)

L-R: Casey Overeem (Overeem Distillery – Overeem Single Malt Whisky), Jim Murray (Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible), Kristy Lark, Jack Overeem, Patrick Maguire (Sullivans Cove Distillery – Cambridge, Tasmania).

Volume 4 of the Revolution Release will go on sale May 4th, 2017.
Big hit of coffee and chocolate on the nose with a promise of rich sweetness on the palate. Oily and rich with smoky/oaky char notes, then caramel and toffee leads to a long and deeply satisfying finish. A big, elegant dram with great presence and character.

RR-04 | 62.3% ABV | 500ml | $280.00