Classic Cask 43% ABV

Single Malt Single Cask: 43% abv

Lark Single Malt Whisky Classic Cask 43% ABV

Lark Single Malt Whisky at 43% ABV is the flagship product of the Lark Distillery.  

It is distilled with Tasmanian (Franklin) barley, malted at the Cascade Brewery. The whisky is lightly peated (approximately 50% of the malt is peated) and resembles in flavour a Scottish Speyside or Highland whisky. The whisky is double distilled in locally crafted copper-pot stills and aged in small, 100 litre oak casks.

We mature our spirit for 5-8 years in these small barrels which have a much larger surface area-to-volume of liquid. This allows a faster rate of evaporative losses and a considerably shorter maturation period than that required with the larger barrels commonly used in Scotland.

Available in 500ml (with box) & 100ml, (bottles only, no outer boxes)


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