The Revolution Release

Celebrating Lark Distillery’s 25th Anniversary
The Revolution Release

In 1992 Bill Lark started a whisky revolution. His passion, drive and spirit created a whisky culture from nothing, and paved the way for an artisanal movement that inspired an entire industry. For twenty five years the men and women behind the whisky revolution have been turning grass seed into gold with a boundless energy that’s exhilarating to behold.

 In 2017 the revolution continues. Inspired by the teachings of the Godfather of Australian Whisky, our Head Distiller Chris Thomson has created the Revolution Series: an experimental series of twenty five casks that have identified and helped build a new generation of Lark Single Malt Whisky.

We’ll be telling 25 stories over 25 days on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter between April 1st – April 25th. Stories of the passion, the people, and the heart of Lark Distillery, culminating in the release of our Revolution Series: 25 bottles a day, released over 25 days between May 1st – May 25th.

Stories begin April 1.
Bottle sales online from May 1.

500ml | $280 each