Lark Whisky Availability

Whisky Availability

We’d like to tell you a story.

(Found a seat? Comfortable? Good)

The story begins over 26 years ago, and you may be familiar with the basics. A simple conversation between Bill Lark and his father-in-law became a history-defining moment, and Bill’s heart, passion, and adventurous spirit sparked not only a distillery, but an entire industry.

It’s an exciting industry to be in. It’s generous, collaborative and determined, but it can also be tumultuous and unpredictable. Small cask ageing is an honest practice; we’re all at the mercy of maturation and it’s an unavoidable part of the whisky-making process, but also what makes it so exciting. It’s up to the spirit and the wood to work their magic, and for us that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Get ready to say hello to the next chapter of Lark Distillery. We promised you whisky-filled golden years, and — good news! — they’re right around the corner.

We’re on a journey to grow, innovate and create and we’re pretty darn excited to have you join us on that adventure.

May 1, 2018