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          Pink gin from Lark Distillery is an excellent choice for those looking for the best pink gin in Australia. Drinking pink gin by itself or in any traditional gin-based cocktail is an enticing experience. A high-quality pink gin is a staple in most liquor cabinets. Our Pink gin has been crafted to surprise and delight people with its brilliant flavours.

          What is pink gin?

          Pink gin refers traditionally to a style of cocktail in which regular clear gin is mixed with Angostura bitters. The resulting drink had a pinkish hue. The origins of the pink gin cocktail date back to the 1800s and are attributed to British sailors aiming to help with seasickness. The story goes that the sailors enjoyed the drink so much they continued to drink it even on shore leave. 

          With the current styles of gin, you'll find the best pink gin in Australia is not a cocktail but purposely crafted by using botanicals. The botanicals used to make pink gin will vary from the different distilleries, with standard options being natural rose, raspberries, and pomegranate. At Lark Distillery Co., our pink gin is made by using wild rose and violets. The aromas you'll find in our pink gin include citrus and hints of pink musk stick. The flavour profile will include a burst of rose and sweet fairy floss. This gin makes for an ideal drink on its own or added to a cocktail of your choosing. 

          When you're looking for the best pink gin in Australia, try to find one that appeals to your specific tastes. A gin infused with pinot noir grapes is an excellent choice if you're looking for a pink gin with a familiar flavour profile. Gin made with pinot noir is often a deep red colour, and it will offer flavours of citrus, plums, and other dark berries. The pink gin you choose will depend on the exact flavours you prefer and what you aim to do with it. For a pink gin served straight, you may prefer the lighter coloured gin, but for cocktails, the deep red of a pinot noir gin could be better.

          How to serve pink gin?

          When you drink the best pink gin in Australia, knowing how to serve it is quite important. After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil those delicate and impressive flavours. All gin needs to be served as cold as possible, and storing the bottle in the freezer is the best method for keeping it cold. If you don't have room in the freezer, pouring your gin into a glass filled with ice is the next best option. Gin has a high ABV (about 40%), so you don't need to worry about freezing it solid. 

          You can serve pink gin in many ways. The humble gin and tonic are a straightforward way of serving gin, and it is the most common way people consume gin. You only need three ingredients to make a gin and tonic; gin, tonic water, and lime. Start by pouring 40ml of gin into a highball glass filled with ice, then add 125ml of tonic, and in a squeeze of lime juice, and give it a stir with a bar spoon. Finish the cocktail off with a few slices of lime, then sit back and enjoy these magical drinks. 

          When using the best pink gin in Australia or any flavoured gin, the colder they are served, the more the flavours will shine through. If you're after a quality Australian spirit with reduced alcohol content, consider a gin-inspired spirit. Any alcohol to be labelled as gin must have an ABV of over 37.5%, but you can find spirits that offer similar flavours to gin at a lower alcohol content. At Lark Distilling Co., you can try our reduced alcohol raspberry and rose botanical spirits for a familiar gin flavour with only 20% ABV. These lower ABV spirits are best kept in the fridge to keep them cool.

          Where can I buy pink gin near me?

          When buying the best pink gin in Australia, ordering directly from the distillery is an excellent option. While you can find pink gin in most retail liquor shops, often, these do not have the full range available. At Lark Distilling Co., all our pink gins are available in our online shop, and these can be added to any whisky delivery or sent out on their own. 

          Our gins make for great gifts, and you can send these along with any of our other products. Our shop has several gin gift boxes, whisky tasting sets, and many other Australian liqueurs, including the popular lemon liqueur. If you're looking for the best gin and aged whisky in Australia, then ordering from our distillery is a great place to get started. If you need any assistance in choosing the right gin, let us know, and we'll be pleased to offer you a suggestion. Whenever you are in Tasmania, feel free to visit our cellar door and try any of our gin or whisky. Order now.