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          An ode to sugar and spice. A luxurious base for cocktails.
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          Lemon liqueur, also known as limoncello liqueur, is a lemon-based alcoholic spirit that can be served straight or as part of a cocktail. At Lark Distilling Co, we use only the finest lemons available in Tasmania and blend them with the grain alcohol produced in our distillery to make our limoncello liqueur. 

          If you love the taste of lemons, then this liqueur is perfect for you. While some traditional lemon-based drinks are somewhat sweeter than you might expect, this spirit makes a great cocktail. It can be mixed with whisky to create many drinks, with whisky tea being the most popular. In the summer, you may prefer it served over crushed ice straight from the freezer. 

          The exact origin of Limoncello is a mystery, but it did originate in Italy in the early 1900s. It is likely that the drink originated in several regions to make use of an abundant lemon harvest. Three Italian regions claim Limoncello as theirs: Capri, Sorrento, and Amalfi. Currently, the consensus considers Amalfi to be the better of the three, which is attributed to the quality of the lemons in the region. Whatever the origins, it is clear that the higher quality your product is, the better the spirits will be, and that is why we only use the finest lemons available in our lemon liqueurs.

          How to choose the best lemon liqueur?

          A lemon liqueur will vary in its colour, sweetness, and flavour. Lemon or limoncello liqueur is traditionally an Italian spirit, but these are also produced at many distilleries. As there is no true method for crafting Limoncello, you will get a reasonable amount of variance depending on the brand you choose. Brands of this popular liqueur may taste very different, with some being quite sweet and others tart. However, all lemon liqueurs will have a fresh taste, and the lemon flavour is simply delightful. 

          Limoncello is available in several areas in Italy, but the best known and most highly regarded spirit originates from Amalfi. However, as these drinks vary in quality and flavour, it is best to try them out for yourself. Many Italian restaurants offer limoncello as a part of your meal, served ice-cold at the end. 

          A quality lemon spirit is all about the product that goes into crafting it. At Lark Distilling, we have crafted our own range of limoncello liqueur using the finest Tasmanian ingredients. You can serve it directly from the freezer or use it in a cocktail with our whisky.

          How to drink lemon liqueur?

          A lemon liqueur is an enticing mix of sweet and tart flavours. This alluring liqueur can be used to make some incredibly interesting cocktails. Lemons are often considered as being sour, but they can be used to enhance all types of meals, and the same can be said for drinks. One of the best ways to drink this liqueur is in a sweet whisky tea. 

          Whisky tea is a stylish way to drink lemon liqueur. It is simple to make and perfect on a warm afternoon. Australian whisky is ideal for use in many cocktails along with lemon or limoncello liqueurs. A whisky tea is straightforward to make, and it does not require any specific bar skills, but if you whip up a few of these for your friends at a BBQ, they'll think you're a total expert. Whisky tea is also a great way to drink quality whisky, especially for anyone who prefers whisky with a mixer. 

          All you need to craft the whisky tea is your favourite tea label, a premium Australian whisky, and the limoncello liqueur of your choice. Start with 45ml of whisky in a standard whisky tumbler, add 15ml of Limoncello, and top up with 125ml of freshly brewed tea. As whisky, tea, and Limoncello all have different flavours depending on the brand, and this drink can be brilliant to experiment with. Some lemon liqueurs are sweeter than others, so the exact amount you need may vary. You can also intensify the flavour of the tea by hot brewing it and then letting it cool. 

          Another popular method to serve lemon liqueur is in the limoncello spritz. For this, you'll need 45ml of Limoncello, 55ml of prosecco, and 30ml of soda water, and a thyme sprig to garnish. Use a wine glass filled with ice, add the ingredients together, then stir with a long spoon and complete with the garnish. The limoncello spritz is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer's day.

          Where can I buy lemon liqueur near me?

          At Lark Distilling Co., we have several Australian liqueurs in our online shop, including lemon liqueur. The Lark Distilling limoncello is produced in our distillery from locally sourced ingredients. Aged whisky and lemons are often found in many cocktails, so having good quality Australian spirits added to your liquor cabinet can give you many different options. 

          In our online shop, you'll find top-shelf whisky, all produced in Tasmania, the heartland of the Australian whisky industry. We can send your whisky delivery and any other products (e.g., flavoured gin) directly to your home or business. All orders are handled by Australia post, except for bulk orders which are delivered by our couriers. If you need any assistance in selecting the right liqueurs for your needs, then feel free to contact our team, and we'll provide the best advice. If you are visiting Tasmania, you are welcome to visit our cellar door and sample any of the whisky and liqueurs available.