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          An ode to sugar and spice. A luxurious base for cocktails.
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          At Lark Distilling Co, we have an exceptional Tasmanian orange liqueur. We use our whisky as the base spirits in our liqueurs and then add in locally sourced botanicals to craft a premium spirit. The exact botanical we use is a closely guarded secret, but the flavour you get from our liqueur speaks for itself. You'll discover a delightful orange flavour along with other citrus notes, as well as light notes of caramel and vanilla in the whisky base. 

          Liqueurs are quite different from standard liquors, and this is primarily due to how they are made. The first stage is selecting the base spirits to use, with popular choices being whisky, brandy, and rum. These spirits are then sweetened with different sugars and then flavoured with other botanical elements. Traditional liqueurs use herbs and oils, but most modern liqueurs use fruit or nuts for the prominent flavour. You can drink liqueurs neat, but they are most commonly consumed in cocktails or used in baking. The intense flavours of liqueurs make them popular, and they can help elevate many drinks and foods to new and exciting levels.

          What does orange liqueur taste like?

          An orange liqueur is a staple of any cocktail bar. There is a vast array of orange liqueurs available, and some are very well known, having been produced since the 18th century. When you try an orange-based liqueur, the dominating flavour should be oranges. Some liqueurs will be very potent and have a robust orange taste, while others can be more subtle. 

          When you’re looking at any particular liqueur, you can check the tasting notes provided. These notes are a guide to the flavours you’ll find, although different people may experience a slight variance when tasting. When you’re drinking a premium liqueur, these can be consumed neat, as they often have an excellent balance of flavour and texture. However, if you prefer to mix them into a cocktail or use them for cooking, that’s perfectly fine.

          How to drink orange liqueur?

          If it's a well-crafted orange liqueur with a premium spirit as its base (such as our top-shelf whisky), you can drink it neat. When you buy any new liqueurs, it is ideal to have a small sample and get a feel for the taste before deciding where it is best used. Orange-based liqueurs can be transparent or have a distinctive orange hue. The bright orange liqueurs are often perfect for cocktail mixes, especially when you’re looking for that colour pop or seeking an interesting layered cocktail. 

          You can make an outstanding variety of drinks with a single bottle of orange liqueur. For a simple cocktail, you can mix a shot of liqueurs with soda water for a delightful and refreshing drink. You can use orange-based liqueurs in almost any drink that calls for a fruit flavoured liqueur. These drinks are excellent for experimentation and finding new and exciting combinations. 

          If you’re stocking your home bar, having a few different orange liqueurs will serve you well. Some cocktail mixes require brightly coloured spirits, and others need a clear liquid. However, you can use a liqueur that sits in between these two types and choose one that offers a soft colour. You’ll find that the classiest drinks will be made with a nearly clear liquid. 

          One excellent drink you can make with an orange liqueur is to add it to a regular gin and tonic. You can make the gin and tonic as you usually would, but instead of lime juice, you can add in 15ml (about 3 teaspoons) and then garnish the drink with an orange slice. You can even use a gin flavoured with oranges if you want to kick it up a notch. One of the joys of making cocktails is finding out what works and how you can improve on traditional drinks.

          Where can I buy orange liqueur near me?

          While you can find orange liqueur at some retail liquor stores, the best place to get a high-quality liqueur is direct from a distillery. The best Australian liqueurs are made using a premium distilled liquor base, and local distilleries will often use their own spirits to produce a premium product. Boutique distilleries are more likely to experiment with new flavours and exciting techniques. If you’re interested in trying new and exciting products, exploring your local distillery will give you plenty of options. 

          At Lark Distilling Co, our orange infused liqueur is available in our online shop. You can add these to any standard whisky delivery or have them shipped out alone. You’ll find all our premium products currently available in our shop, including our aged whisky and flavoured gin. If you’ve yet to experience a premium Australian whisky, we’d suggest ordering a whisky tasting set. These sets are an excellent way to get to know Tasmanian whisky, making for great gifts. 

          All orders placed through our shop will be sent out within one business day. The order will be sent using the Australia Post network, and they’ll arrive in 3-5 days for metro addresses and up to 10 days for all regional centres. You’ll need to sign for the order when it arrives and present suitable identification. Please contact our team if you need some assistance with how our store works or which of our amazing products to buy. We can make a suggestion based on what flavours you prefer, and you’re always welcome to visit our cellar door and sample our whisky and liqueurs first hand. Order now!