Chinotto Cask Release

Chinotto Cask Release

Whisky 500ml



An oaky, smoky, cola-influenced single malt that plays on a cult classic, our Limited Release Chinotto Cask is an unexpected journey of zest and zeal, awarded one of our highest scores, 95 points, at the IWSC 2021.

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Tasting Notes


Thick and rich. Fresh vanilla beans, barley wine, and malted milkshakes. Sweet earthy peat and a fresh hint of lemon zest and Sassafras.


Hits sweet and spreads like warm oil. Gingerbread, charred citrus, cinnamon, wattleseed, cola, and an earthy hint of peat and toasted barley.


Finishes dry and sweet peat dominates the senses. Oak, coffee, cola, and wattleseed, with some lingering orange oil and dark chocolate.

Awarded Gold

95 points, at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021.

In a moment of experimental creativity, Head Distiller Chris Thomson turned to a locally-made, Italian-style carbonated beverage, Chinotto, to season a selection of casks. The results earned us Gold at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2021. Our spirit’s thick, smoky viscosity melded seamlessly with the sweet intensity of the Chinotto, creating an unconventional heavily-peated single malt with a Tasmanian-Italian heritage.