Spirit of Whiskmas Flight
Spirit of Whiskmas Flight

Spirit of Whiskmas Flight

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A collection of our flagship Classic Cask single malt, first ever blended malt Symphony Nº1, and our latest Christmas Cask Release. This 3 x 100ml set features some of our finest whiskies and a laser-etched Lark Glencairn Glass. Each whisky is labour of love from the second the spirit leaves our stills to the moment the cork is popped.

Symphony No. 1 | 40.2%: An oily melody of flavours; a malt whisky that’s full of life from start to finish and carries the uncompromised signature of Lark Whisky— a Tasmanian icon.

Classic Cask | 46%: A great balance of sweet, spicy and savoury elements make this the perfect dram for whisky-lovers at all stages of their whisky-drinking journey.

Christmas Cask Release III | 46%: Christmas in a glass: nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla custard on the nose give way to gingerbread, citrus peel and liquid plum pudding with lashings of yuletide cheer.

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Tasting Notes


Symphony No. 1 | 40.2%: Fresh mango, toasted pineapple, orange, vanilla and tangerines. Luscious and fruity. | Classic Cask | 46%: Golden syrup and vanilla with hints of oranges and grapefruit. Plum pudding, Christmas cake, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and a wisp of Tasmanian peat smoke. | Christmas Cask Release III | 46%: Aromatic spice-led notes of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and dried citrus dance with the soft sweetness of stewed apples and vanilla custard.


Symphony No. 1 | 40.2%: Peaches, apricot, even more mango, and sweet Tasmanian apples dipped in toffee. | Classic Cask | 46%: Sweet vanilla transforms into a heady combination of orange peel, butterscotch, cloves, nutmeg and grapefruit. | Christmas Cask Release III | 46%: The gentle spice and warmth of gingerbread meets the rich comfort of a Christmas plum pudding, citrus peel, sticky toffee sauce and all.


Symphony No. 1 | 40.2%: Fresh fruit and citrus. This whisky has length, poise and balance. | Classic Cask | 46%: Butterscotch and citrus notes with a long, satisfying smoky finish. | Christmas Cask Release III | 46%: Long, complex and inviting.