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Rare Cask PARA100
The second in our Rare Cask Series • 56.3% • only 450 released

Rare Cask PARA100

The Second in Our Rare Cask Series

The second release in our Rare Cask Series, this single malt has been finished in casks that once held 100-year-old Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny.

Our Rare Cask Series is the pursuit of excellence; a continuous quest to uncover the world’s rarest and most storied casks. Celebrating the distinct characteristics of every cask, each release has its own unique story that begins across cultures and continents, and culminates in a one-of-a-kind single malt whisky that reflects a collaborative journey.


  • Size

    700ml (+100ml)

  • ABV


  • Released


  • Number Released


Tasting Notes

  • Nose

    A rich and impossibly sticky embrace of treacle pudding with brandied custard, wood-fired raisin bread, mulberry syrup, and blackberry blossoms.

  • Finish

    Impossibly long and luxurious. Cocoa nibs, coffee, blackberry jam, dark fruit cake, and fireside chats that extend into the early hours of the morning.

  • Palate

    Preserved cherry sweetness with deep, dark undertones of saddle leather, fresh tobacco, and beloved antique furniture. Polished tannins and the unmistakable age of the oak create chapters of mouthwatering complexity that speak of elegance and intrigue.

Paired with a complimentary 100ml

For those who may want to keep their 700ml PARA100 unopened, a complimentary 100ml bottle is included with your purchase. Taste, enjoy or keep at your leisure.

Copper Medallion: Own a part of Lark history

The copper medallion included around the neck of the bottle, meticulously handcrafted from a decommissioned Lark copper pot still, is a repurposed remnant of our rich and exciting history. A captivating marriage of old and new.

A Rich Finish

This rich single malt, distilled at Coal Valley Distillery, has been finished in 100-year-old casks that once held Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny, believed to be the world’s only unbroken lineage of single vintage wines spanning more than 130 consecutive vintages.


  • How old is this release?

    Before being introduced to our special Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny casks for finishing, the spirit spent approx. 5-6 years in a combination of ex-Port, ex-Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks. These were married together to create a rich single malt with some sweetness and depth, designed to pick up the complexity in the oak of the Para Vintage Tawny casks.

  • How long did this release spend in Para Vintage Tawny casks?

    The spirit spent approximately 2-3 months in these finishing casks over two batches, after maturing for 5-6 years in a combination of ex-Port, ex-Sherry, and ex-Bourbon casks. The PARA Tawny casks were complex but very intense, so to avoid dominating our carefully-curated spirit we slowly finished the whisky in two casks over four batches. A very delicate balancing act (that really put our team to the test!)

  • What’s so special about the Para Vintage Tawny casks?

    Seppeltsfield’s Para Vintage Tawny is part of their Centennial Collection, believed to be the world’s only unbroken lineage of single vintage wines — every vintage all the way back to 1878. The 100-year-old Para Vintage Tawny is the only Australian wine to have ever scored 100/100 (a perfect score!) by renowned critic, James Halliday. Every vintage released since 1907 has been reviewed, and each was awarded a perfect score.

    We’ve been incredibly lucky to acquire two casks directly from Seppeltsfield, that held the final maturation stage of their 100-year-old 1921 vintage Tawny. These are the casks used to finish our PARA100 single malt whisky, leaving behind exciting notes of the Tawny’s past lives.

  • Are the casks 100 years old?

    The casks themselves are not 100 years old; rather, they were used as the final maturation casks for Seppeltsfield’s 100-year-old Para Vintage Tawny. Seppeltsfield’s fortified maturation — just like our own whisky maturation here at Lark — is a long process of patience and good practice. As the spirit ages, it evaporates and concentrates over time, meaning the casks need to be reworked and downsized over time to keep the wines fresh and the casks full.

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