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Presale: The Whisky & Rum Pack
Bundle Offer • Single Malt Whisky + Quiet Cannon Rum

Presale: The Whisky & Rum Pack


PRESALE: Order dispatch begins Friday, September 18th 2020.

Say hello to our Whisky & Rum pack: a single malt whisky and a rum that couldn’t exist without each other!

Our Quiet Cannon Rum, matured entirely in Lark ex-whisky casks, left us with a treasure trove of sweet, decadent rum casks. We selected the finest of these to finish the richly fortified single malt spirit from our Coal Valley Distillery, resulting in a one-of-a-kind single distillery expression of rum-influenced single malt whisky: the Rum Cask Release II.

Each with an influence from the other, this bundle of Quiet Cannon Rum and Rum Cask Release II Whisky offers an unrivalled opportunity for both whisky and rum-lovers to try the two in tandem. This bundle will ONLY be available online or at the Lark Cellar Door in extremely limited numbers, so anchors aweigh: get your hands on this pack before it’s gone!

The bundle includes a 500ml bottle of our Rum Cask Release II single malt whisky, and a 500ml bottle of our Quiet Cannon Rum.

Whisky Tasting Notes

  • Nose

    Oak, caramel, gunpowder and smoke dominate the nose, with oranges coated in molasses, pineapples and Brazil nuts sitting deeper in the swell.

  • Palate

    A vanilla and toffee whirlpool develops. Juicy tropical fruits and pineapple sit in an old oak chest at the bottom, with wisps of peat smoke sensed on the horizon.

  • Finish

    Quiet Cannon Rum is unmistakable on the finish… but only when the tide is out.

Rum Tasting Notes

  • Nose

    Maple syrup, charred orange peel, carried through with a big oak and tannin profile.

  • Palate

    Caramel, toffee, orange peel, crème brulee, stewed peaches, golden syrup ANZAC biscuits.

  • Finish

    Long lingering profile of toffee and leather.

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