How Lark Became The Best Whisky In Australia

22/04/ 2021
How Lark Became The Best Whisky In Australia

Lark Distilling has been crafting the best whisky in Australia for nearly 30 years. OK, we might be biased, but others agree. Lark was recently nominated as one of the four best whisky producers in the world at the 2020 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has been known to enjoy a dram of Lark single malt whisky or two while discussing business with foreign dignitaries like the prime minister of Japan. Here are a few reasons why Lark Whisky is the best single malt whisky in Australia.

Best Whisky In Australia? Prove it.

Lark Whisky had a slew of gold, silver and bronze medals demonstrating it distils the best whisky in Australia. While there are dozens of accolades, a few include the Best in Show By Country for our Classic Cask 43% at the 2019 London Spirits Competition and the gold in 2020 for the Sherry Cask 50.8%.

Lark’s historic achievements include being the first whisky distillery in Tasmania, pioneering distilling in Australia. The creator of our single malt whisky, Bill Lark, is also the first distiller in the southern hemisphere to be inducted into the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame.

Our Tassie Roots

It all started one brisk Tasmanian day in 1992. While fly fishing, Bill’s father-in-law, Max, brought out a bottle of single malt whisky and posed a question that changed everything: “I wonder why there isn’t anyone making single malt whisky in Tasmania?”

Bill’s gears started to turn, and he began a difficult process of obtaining a distillation licence. It was then that Lark became the first single malt whisky distillery in Australia in over 154 years. When 1998 rolled around, Lark began selling its whisky commercially.

Since then, a lot has changed in the Lark household and the distillery. Today, the whisky distillery is located in the beautiful Coal River Valley, making premium quality single malt whisky seven days a week using local Australian ingredients.

Our Local Whisky Distillery

We pride ourselves on transparency, and can’t wait to invite whisky lovers to our whisky distillery for a tour. While our whisky distillery is located 15-minutes outside of the capital of Hobart, our Cellar Door and Whisky Bar is in the heart of the city with stellar waterfront views. It’s here that our distillery tour begins and people can taste a variety of whisky drinks.

Then, guests get driven to the home of the best whisky in Australia. Here our master distillers walk guests through the distillation process from barley to barrel. We advise everyone popping in for a visit to wear closed-toed shoes and long pants as it’s an operational whisky distillery.

The tour concludes with a whisky tasting straight from the cask, and a peek at our future limited releases. Then, you’ll head back to the Cellar Door and Whisky Bar for some more whisky drinks, including a flight of our favourites or 250 international brands. It’s an ideal way to spend half a day enjoying some of the best whisky in the world.

Thinking Outside The Barrel

Imagination and experimentation have always played a role in pioneering the best whisky in Australia. Over the years we’ve tried a variety of things including, new types of wood, new yeast varietals, peat trials and liqueur production. One thing that’s stayed constant is our dedication to the high quality of our single malt whisky and whisky distillery.

We’re not a one-dimensional whisky drink; we delight in developing new tastes to savour and styles that highlight our Tasmanian heritage.

Single Malt Whisky Limited Releases

One of the things that makes Lark different from other whisky distilleries is our limited releases. Single malt whiskies like our Limited Release Christmas Cask 2020 create a delightful flavour experience the large whisky companies can’t achieve.

A favourite amongst the distillers and fans alike is our Limited Release Sherry Cask 2020, which quickly sold out. Have no fear, our Limited Release Double Tawny 2020 is dark and fruity. Our head distiller Chris Thomson takes our signature Classic Cask single malt whisky and finishes it in an Australian Tawny cask from the Barossa Valley. The result: notes of raspberry and blackberry with hints of caramel and cinnamon.

More Than Just Whisky Drinks

While Lark is known for making the best whisky in Australia, we’ve got a few other whisky adjacent creations perfect for summer barbecues and winter nights. Our Forty Spotted Gin flavours like Tassie Bush Honey and Raspberry & Rose come in a new bespoke bottle.

Tasmanian grapes are the secret to our XO Brandy, hand-selected by Bill Lark, matured in fortified wine casks. Our Quiet Cannon Rum is distilled in copper pot stills and expertly aged in ex-whisky barrels, giving it a unique flavour.

If there’s any doubt left about who makes the best whisky in Australia, you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Luckily, Lark sends the entire range of products Australia-wide. Shipping is free on orders over $100, so click here to stock up on the best whisky and spirits.