Lark’s Whisky Tasting Set Is The Perfect Gift For Whisky Lovers

Lark’s Whisky Tasting Set Is The Perfect Gift For Whisky Lovers


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Grab some glasses; with Lark’s new whisky tasting set, whisky lovers can sniff and sip three of our best bottles at home. We’re showcasing the best of our Tasmanian whisky with the perfect 100 mL whisky gift set for any occasion worthy of a ‘cheers’!


What’s In Our Whisky Tasting Set?


No surprises here; you’ll be getting some of Lark’s finest whiskies. As the first distillery in Tasmania, we’ve been perfecting our craft for decades resulting in award-winning whiskies like our iconic single malt whisky, Classic Cask 43%. Our first blended malt Tasmanian whisky, SYMPHONY Nº1 40.2%, is also included in our whisky tasting set. And last, but certainly not least, is Cask Strength 58%, our award-winning bottle that takes the Classic Cask to new depths and flavours.



What Does Each Tasmanian Whisky Taste Like?


Well, apart from delicious, each of the whiskies in our whisky gift set has a complex variety of flavours that our team crafts from barrel to bottle.


Our Classic Cask, Lark’s signature Tasmanian whisky, is a timeless single malt with hints of orange peel, vanilla bean, Christmas cake and golden syrup. Once you take a sip, the sweetness of butterscotch, the tartness of grapefruit and the earthiness of cloves will hit your tongue. The butterscotch and citrus linger while the finish is a smoky strand of Tasmanian peat.


More than 27 years after Bill Lark started making single malt whiskies, Lark debuted its first-ever blended malt Tasmanian whisky. This marriage of different types of casks from various distilleries in Tasmania, named SYMPHONY Nº1, is the brainchild of Head Distiller Chris Thomson. “I’ve always found a real joy in bringing different whiskies together. I think each distillery kind of has a fingerprint. I think people are going to be pretty excited about this,” says Thomson.


This first of its kind malt in our whisky tasting set smells like ripe mangos, tangerines and toasted pineapple. There’s more fruit to come on the palate with peaches and apricots and local apples dipped in luscious toffee. The finish is smooth and warm with fresh fruit and citrus for a balanced dram of Tasmanian whisky.


The second single malt whisky in our whisky gift set, Cask Strength, was named “liquid gold” three times by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, the world’s leading authority on whisky. Like Classic Cask, it leads with an oaky aroma of orange peel, butterscotch, cinnamon and nutmeg. Its huge port cask influence gives in an intense vanilla and Christmas cake sweetness as well as maple syrup and stewed fruits. There’s a hint of Tasmanian peat smoke that carries through to where toffee, spices and citrus shine through for a warm, smooth finish.


Who Is Our Whisky Gift Set For?

Honestly, anyone who likes whisky. Each of the three Tasmanian whiskies selected is approachable for someone dipping their toes into the whisky pool and sophisticated enough for a decades-long connoisseur like Bill Lark himself.

For those unfamiliar with one of the best distilleries in Tasmania, it’s a perfect way to introduce them to Tasmanian whisky. They can sample three of our best bottles and decide which one will be their new go-to.

This whisky tasting set, exclusive to our online store, makes for a great thank you gift to the friend who just helped you move or a fantastic holiday present for coworkers. And no one will be mad if you show up to a birthday party with a whisky gift set ready to be cracked open.

If your partner or parent is a whisky lover, it’s the perfect special occasion gift to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special holiday. Also, remember to treat yourself every once in a while (we won’t tell).

What are you waiting for? The Whisky Tasting Set is available for purchase now to be delivered anywhere in Australia.