Lark Is Going Green; We’re Becoming Carbon Neutral in 2021

Lark Is Going Green; We’re Becoming Carbon Neutral in 2021

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With the effects of climate change more noticeable than ever, we at Lark are dedicated to protecting our planet and our local community. As a globally consumed and recognised brand, it’s only right to help foster the health of our world and the citizens that consume our Tasmanian whisky.

Started in 1992 in Tasmania, the small, isolated island off the coast of Australia is an integral part of Lark’s brand and ethos. “It’s an amazingly wild and spectacularly scenic place,” says Bill Lark. So, it’s more important than ever to help protect this beautiful southern land that Lark is lucky enough to call home.

“Tasmania’s climate is extremely important to the way we produce and develop our spirits,” says Head Distiller Chris Thomson. “At Lark, we believe it is our duty to reduce the impact we have on the local climate and preserve the conditions that have shaped our spirits and brands in the past so that we can continue to grow in the future.”

Tasmania’s crisp temperature and seasonal changes enable the whisky to move in and out of the barrels, giving it a dynamic, intense and rich flavour. Our whiskies are made using locally-sourced, cold-climate brewing barley and some of the cleanest water in Australia. In order to produce our award-winning whiskies ranging from our Classic Cask to our SYMPHONY Nº1, we need to protect these essential natural resources.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reduce our ecological footprint to receive a climate-neutral certification from the Australian government’s initiative, Climate Active. This is the most credible carbon neutral certification in the country. This certification, achieved through rigorous testing and processes, is based on international standards and sustainable best practices to ensure a genuine emissions reduction.