What's On - The Spirit of Whiskmas

What's On - The Spirit of Whiskmas


LARK Crafts the Spirit of Whiskmas at The Festival of Wonder:

Limited time only personalisation stations at David Jones Sydney and other locations in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and TAS


From barrel to bottle, to under the tree

The Christmas Cask

From barrel to bottle, to under the tree

The Christmas Cask

The Christmas Cask

Sold Out Online - Click here to find a stockist near you.

A wonderfully warm and festive drop to brighten up your Christmas.

Our limited edition Christmas Cask 2022, based on an award winning recipe, brings seasonal magic to your glass.

Unwrap our most festive single malt yet, filled to the...

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SOLD OUT ONLINE - CLICK HERE to find a stockist near you.

A wonderfully warm and festive drop to brighten up your Christmas

Complimentary personalised bottles will be customised on the bottle label.

With our famous Christmas release being awarded the nation’s 2021 Australian Whisky of the Year, you’ll be walking in a whisky wonderland with our most festive single malt yet.

With lashings of yuletide magic, this special collaboration of Tasmanian artisans brings together the essence of patisserie Jean Pascal’s fruit mince pies, Frogmore Creek red wine barrels, crafted under the careful hand of Head Distiller, Chris Thomson.

Our anticipated 2022 release takes all the best bits of our previous Christmas releases, with the added layer of fortified tokay notes bringing complexity and depth. This approachable drop will be the star of the Christmas dinner table, laden with wonderfully warm and inviting baking spice, gingerbread and vanilla custard. 

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Christmas gin blending



Gin(bar) Hobart
Level 1, 30 Argyle Street, Hobart, Tas

About GIN(bar)

A completely unique Tasmanian experience from start to finish, Gin(bar) offers locals and visitors the opportunity to experience Tasmanian gin like never

Used for special gin blending workshops and cocktail classes throughout the day, the bar carries the full Forty Spotted Gin range as well as an exceptional selection of rare and hard-to-find gins from Tasmania and beyond, plus an exclusive range of unique and experimental Forty Spotted products
available only at the venue.

Create your own festive gin perfect for the holiday season

This holiday season we are offering a special festive gin blending experience like no other. Under the expert guide of our Forty Spotted gin professor and using a bespoke collection of Christmas-inspired botanicals, get a group together and build your own festive gin – a gin perfect for the holiday season!

Our 2-hour festive gin blending masterclasses give guests an exciting, first-hand look behind the process of crafting premium native gin tailored to the festive season. Explore the sensory world of botanicals, drinks some delicious gin, and learn to blend aromas and flavours under the close guidance of our Forty Spotted Gin Professors. And the best bit? Each guest will walk away with their own uniquely blended bottle of Tasmanian Christmas gin.

This experience will run on the 15th, 16th and 17th December and the 22nd, 23rd and 24th December.

The Festive Gin Blending Experience costs $99 and will run from the 15th December through to Christmas Eve.