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The Wolf Release 2020
Limited Release • 49%

The Wolf Release 2020


Introducing: The Wolf Release 2020. Only a limited number of this release will ever be made. To purchase the Wolf Release 2020 alongside the beer that helped shape it, see the Wolf Pack.

Every year, empty Lark whisky casks are selected by our friends at Wolf of the Willows and sent on a journey across the Bass Strait. Filled with the Wolf’s Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter and left to season, the casks work their magic on the beer before being decanted and returned to Lark to finish our single malt whisky.

This year, the single malt chosen was from our Bothwell Distillery, home of Nant Single Malt Whisky. Selected for its punchy tropical and citrus notes, the spirit highlights the hop and roasted malt characters left in the casks by the beer, resulting in our Third Edition Wolf Release: a unique whisky that reflects a collaborative journey.


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Tasting Notes

  • Nose

    Top notes of lush tropical fruit, mangos and lychees kick on to reveal toffee, roasted malt, chocolate covered bananas and succulent strawberries and cream.

  • Palate

    One of the funkiest palates Lark have ever produced. Rich chocolate malt, liquorice, bananas and an incredible hit of smoke with roasted malt and intense oak.

  • Finish

    Long, fruity, dark and brooding, leaving traces of smoke that reveal… my, what big teeth you have.

“The Wolf Limited Release tends to be our most anticipated whisky. Everyone keeps on asking me when Wolf’s coming. The good news is this: it’s been worth the wait. You’ve never had a whisky like this before.”

- Chris Thomson, Head Distiller

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