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Slàinte Whisky Liqueur
Slàinte Whisky Liqueur

Slàinte Whisky Liqueur

Liquer 350ml

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Named for the Gaelic toast to good health, Sláinte Whisky Liqueur marries our finest single malt whisky with a closely guarded selection of botanicals to produce a delightfully complex and velvety liqueur. The two are carefully combined to give the right complexity of character, spiciness and sweetness, whilst maintaining the delightful overtones of the whisky.

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Tasting Notes


Orange and lemon underlined with star anise, cinnamon and cloves complement the Lark single malt whisky at the heart of this liqueur.


Caramel, vanilla and oak lay the foundations for star anise, nutmeg and orange peel to burst through.


Spices and oranges intertwine with the Lark single malt whisky notes to deliver a warming, liquorice-like finale.

A Secret Recipe

A creation of our co-founder, Lyn Lark

Sláinte Whisky Liqueur is one of our most popular liqueurs for mixologists, regularly selling out online as our team work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep up with demand. It's a guarded recipe by our co-founder Lyn Lark, who was the original brains behind Lark's Spirits and Gin creations.