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Steak & Whisky Gift Pack
Father's Day • The Perfect Gift

Steak & Whisky Gift Pack


Go farther this Father’s Day with the ultimate gift!

Our Steak & Whisky pack contains a Cape Grim scotch fillet steak, our new SYMPHONY Nº1 blended malt whisky, meat-smoking and seasoning essentials, and an online barbecue and whisky-drinking session. Delivered Australia-wide via refrigerated courier, directly to your door.

The perfect way for Dad to get their grill on with great company and an incredible dram in hand!

Gift packs will be delivered in the week after Father’s Day: from Sunday, September 6th. Choose to either fire up the barbecue right away, or join us on Sunday, September 13th at our online Lark Steak & Whisky Masterclass, where Dad can join some rockstars of the whisky, barbecuing, and cricket worlds: our founder Bill Lark, Australian Test Cricket Captain Tim Paine, and award-winning barbecuer Jimi Anderson.

The Gift Pack Contains:

  • SYMPHONY Nº1 Whisky

    The first blended malt from the House of Lark, representing a composition of exceptional Tasmanian single malt whiskies.

    Crafted from a symphony of complementary casks, Head Distiller Chris Thomson has expertly woven the complexity of American oak bourbon with the balance of sherry and heavier depth of port to form a creamy, oily melody of flavours.

  • Cape Grim Scotch Fillet

    The finest grass-fed beef from the lush pastures of North West Tasmania.

    Raised on rich grassland with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour, made by nature.

    The ideal accompaniment to a delicious dram of Tasmanian malt whisky.

  • Freshwater Peat

    Mined from our very own peat bog in the Tasmanian Highlands, our freshwater spaghnum peat adds a hint of earthy smoke to our whisky.

    Include a small amount during the cooking process to add the barest wisp of smoke to your meat, or use the lot for heavily-peated perfection.

  • Whisky Woodchips

    Cut from casks that previously matured our Lark Distilling single malt whisky, these chips have had a long journey before finding their home in your Father’s Day pack.

    Adding our woodchips during the cooking process will infuse your meat with a deliciously oaky, whisky-influenced flavour.

  • Tasman Sea Salt

    Natural sea salt flakes harvested from the crystal clear waters of Tasmania.

    Infused by its natural environment, Tasman Sea Salt is a robust bright white salt with an incredible depth of flavour. It contains an abundance of naturally occurring trace minerals derived from the pristine, nutrient-rich waters of our island home.

  • Digital Masterclass Invite

    A digital invitation to our Facebook Live steak and whisky night.

    Fire up the barbecue and join us on September 13th for great company and an incredible dram in hand. This intimate online session allows you to get your grill on with our founder Bill Lark, Australian Test Cricket Captain Tim Paine, and award-winning barbecuer Jimi Anderson.

Join us

The Online Steak & Whisky Masterclass

Bill Lark • Founder

Australian craft whiskies have taken the world by storm and Bill Lark was the man who started it all.

“A Cape Grim Scotch Fillet steak. A whisky that marries three exceptional Tasmanian single malt blends. Talk about a perfect pairing!

Join me online with your Steak & Whisky Gift, and we’ll un-pack the contents. We’ll talk about how to use your freshwater peat and whisky woodchips to give your steak a smoky, delicious flavour on the barbecue. We’ll taste Symphony together, and I’ll answer any questions you have about whisky. I always have a story or three to share!

Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook Live on Sunday, 13th September.”

  • Is the Steak & Whisky Gift Pack available Australia-wide?

    Yes! Our Steak & Whisky Gift Pack can be delivered to any Australian postal address (please no PO box addresses, though). Expect your gift pack to be received via refrigerated courier on the week beginning Monday, 7th September. Whether you’re in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, or any other Australian state - our Steak & Whisky Gift Pack can be delivered to you!

  • What does the gift pack include?

    The Lark Steak & Whisky Gift Pack includes a 500ml bottle of our Symphony Nº1 blended malt whisky, a Cape Grim Scotch Fillet steak, freshwater peat, whisky woodchips, and Tasman sea salt.

    As a bonus, this Gift Pack also comes with an invitation to join our online masterclass! Simply tune into our Facebook Live on Sunday, September 13, we you can grill your steak side-by-side with barbecue extraordinaire, Jimi Anderson—a Tasmanian chef who has travelled the world entering (and winning!) awards for his grilling prowess. We’ll also be joined online by cricketing legend, Tim Paine, as well as Bill Lark, Chris Thomson, and Craig Johnstone, who’ll take us through a whisky tasting.

  • When will the gift pack be delivered?

    Expect to receive your Steak & Whisky Gift Pack between 6th - 11th September. Right on time for the online masterclass on Sunday, 13th September!

  • How do I give Dad this gift on Father's Day?

    We’ll send a beautiful gift card straight to your email inbox that you can print and pop in the card you’ll give to Dad on Father’s Day. The gift card will tell him he can expect his Steak & Whisky Gift Pack between 6th - 11th September!

  • How will the steak be delivered?

    Your Cape Grim Scotch fillet steak will be delivered in your gift pack box. It will be cryovaced and placed between two ice-packs—fresh and ready to place in the fridge as soon as it’s received.

  • How many steaks are included?

    Each gift pack includes one Cape Grim Scotch fillet steak. If you’d like to barbecue more than one steak, feel free to purchase more steaks from your local butcher or store! There will be plenty of whisky, peat, woodchips, and Tasman sea salt to go around.

  • Why is the online masterclass on Sunday, 13th September?

    We know you might already have plans with Dad on Father’s Day, so we’re holding our live online Steak & Whisky Masterclass on Sunday, 13th September.

    The online masterclass will be recorded, so if Dad can’t tune in for any reason, they can always revisit the video later.

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