How to Drink Whisky

How to Drink Whisky

The way you drink whisky can be entirely your own preference, as there is no absolute best way to drink whisky. One consistent factor with premium aged whisky (like those available from Lark Distillery) is that they are designed to be consumed neat. However, you can add a mixer to it if you prefer. Whisky is an excellent spirit to drink, but many people find the high alcohol levels a little harsh when they first start. Adding a mixer to your whisky will lower the alcohol content, although it'll also change some of the flavours unless you use pure water.

If you're interested in getting that top-shelf whisky flavour but with reduced alcohol content, we'd recommend the Lark Distillery Whisky Liqueur. These liqueurs use our Australian single malt whisky as the base spirit, and then we add in various sugars and our secret botanical recipe. The result is a complex sweet and spicy liqueur offering flavours of caramel, oak, and vanilla. You can enjoy this whisky liqueur neat, as well as experience the flavours with lower alcohol content. Our whisky liqueur can be enjoyed as a sipping drink, in a shot glass, or mixed into your favourite whisky-based cocktail.

A whisky tasting set is another excellent way to introduce yourself, or anyone, into the world of premium single malt whisky. In these tasting sets, you'll receive a bottle (or more) of whisky and a Glencairn whisky glass. When choosing a set, it is best to read through the tasting notes and see if the flavours appeal to you. Our team wrote and developed these notes to be an accurate description of the flavours you can detect. Don't be too surprised if you cannot find all the flavours in your first few tastings, as it takes time to develop and train your palate.

How to drink whisky?

After you've chosen your whisky, it's time to pour yourself a glass. Whisky needs to be served at room temperature or about 15 to 18oC. If you live in a warm climate, then you may need to make sure the bottle is kept in a cool and dark space in your home. The perfect place for whisky is in a cellar next to your favourite wine. However, if your home is not set up with those, then placing the bottle in the back of your kitchen pantry will work just as well.

Tasting whisky uses three separate elements (appearance, aroma, and palate). With these working together, you'll get a complete flavour profile. You only need a small amount to sample any whisky; about 15ml will be sufficient. Pour the whisky into your tasting glass and examine the colours, give the glass a swirl and look at how the whisky passes throughout the light. What colours can you see? How does the whisky move along the glass? Be as descriptive as you like, and make notes about your experiences.

Next, you can inhale the whisky vapours. Swirl the whisky and inhale at the rim of the glass. The scents coming from the whisky can trigger memories. What does the smell remind you of? Do you get a clear image in your mind? Finally, have a sip of the whisky; let the liquid flow over your tongue and give it some time. What flavours can you uncover? After you swallow, is there a lingering taste?

You can write down all your experience and compare it to the tasting notes. If you find the alcohol too strong, you can add a few drops of water and have another tasting. If you prefer, you can add a mixer or use the whisky to make a cocktail. Take note of how the flavour changes when you add another liquid. Then you can make an informed decision on how you think it is best to drink that particular whisky.

What food goes well with whisky?

It may surprise you, but whisky works very well with a variety of foods. If you're familiar with wine pairings, you can treat whisky like a deep red wine (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.) as whisky pairs with many of the same foods.

Whisky does wonders with most roasted red meats and grilled pork ribs. The flavours will usually play off each other and enhance the overall experience. If you prefer a more delicate meal, then smoked salmon is delightful with any whisky. A quality charcuterie board filled with cured meats, fruit, and cheese is near perfect if you're enjoying whisky after your main meal. For something simple, you can have a piece of quality dark chocolate. The bitter and sweet flavours of the chocolate will draw out the flavours of any single malt whisky.

Where can I buy the best whisky near me?

At Lark Distilling Co, we have an outstanding catalogue of premium Australian whisky for you to enjoy. These are all crafted in our distillery using many local ingredients and pure Tasmanian water. Our whisky is available through our online shop, and you can add any of our products to a whisky delivery.

All orders are shipped out within one business day, and most orders will arrive in less than five days (ten for regional). If you need some advice on the right whisky to buy, you can contact our staff. You're also welcome to visit our cellar door for a tasting first hand; we're open most days of the year. All our staff are highly passionate about our whisky and can pilot a tasting flight selected to suit your personal preferences.