Top Shelf Whisky

          Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur
          Born from the character and history of 30 year Seppeltsfield casks.
          46.5% ABV
          Mizunara Rare Cask Release Mizunara Rare Cask Release
          Crafted from one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world.
          49.4% ABV
          Tokay 100 Rare Cask Release Tokay 100 Rare Cask Release
          Stunningly viscous and palate saturating, Tokay Rare Cask is a one-of-a-kind whisky moment.
          57.5% ABV
          Para 50 II Rare Cask Release Para 50 II Rare Cask Release
          Finished in rare Vintage Seppeltsfield Para Tawny Casks.
          52.5% ABV
          Para 100 II Rare Cask Release Para 100 II Rare Cask Release
          Character captured through 100 years of history.
          61% ABV
          LARK x Glenfarclas Rare Cask Release LARK x Glenfarclas Rare Cask Release
          Made in casks that once held Glenfarclas 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
          63.2% ABV
          Legacy Cask #HHF587A 20 Year Aged Single Malt Legacy Cask #HHF587A 20 Year Aged Single Malt
          HHF587A has been left to mature and find complexity naturally.
          65.8% ABV
          Legacy Cask #HHF584 20 Year Aged Single Malt Legacy Cask #HHF584 20 Year Aged Single Malt
          Legacy HHF584 is a story of simplicity and complexity.
          68.6% ABV

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          LARK Distillery has been in the business of making quietly extraordinary top shelf whisky for over 30 years. In 1992, our award-winning Tasmanian distillery produced the first single malt spirit made in Australia in 154 years. Since then, our Australian whisky has been delighting palates, winning awards and bringing people together all over the world. In 2020, we were one of four distillers nominated for the Worldwide Whisky Producer of the Year – so when we tell you we’re one of the best whisky brands out there, you know we’ve got the spirits to back it up. 


          We believe that making top shelf whisky is an art. And, like art, we believe that quality whisky can – and should – be enjoyed in different ways. But we’re not pretentious about style – for us, the best way to drink whisky is always the one that personally helps you discover and savour the subtle flavour and unique aroma of each bottle. Whether you’re quite the whisky connoisseur or quietly curious to see what all the fuss is about, here are a few suggestions on how to best experience our quality whisky. 


          Many whisky drinkers enjoy their top shelf whisky ‘neat’ or ‘straight’. This means there are no additions: no water, no mixers, no ice – just pure, quality whisky served straight from the bottle at room temperature in a glass vessel of your choosing. 

          WITH WATER

          All of the best whisky brands have one thing in common: their liquor has a high alcohol content. Because of this, drinking whisky ‘straight’ or ‘neat’ isn’t for everyone. Adding a dash of water can help to unlock some of the sweeter whisky flavours and aromas by lowering the alcohol content. Start by adding a drop or two at a time and gently rolling the whisky around the glass. Continue to add water to suit your taste.  

          ON THE ROCKS

          Typically, top shelf whisky brands are served at ‘room temperature’ – or somewhere between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. But let’s face it: we’re in Australia, and there’s only a small portion of the year in most states where the ambient temperature matches those parameters. 

          Forget the purists. Whatever the season, drinking whisky ‘on the rocks’ (with ice) isn’t a sin. Not only is it refreshing, but as the ice slowly melts, it unlocks the essence of the whisky spirit, bringing those cask-cultivated whisky flavours to the fore.

          IN A COCKTIAL

          Whisky is, in essence, a spirit – which makes it a great base for both modern and traditional cocktails. Pairing it with other ingredients and fruit garnishes is a fun way to enjoy top shelf whisky and explore various whisky flavours.


          Unlike wine, top shelf whisky won’t continue to mature once it’s left the cask. But just because it’s left the barrel for a bottle doesn’t mean you can’t prolong the life of your whisky. 

          Did you know that if left sealed in ideal storage conditions, a bottle of whisky will remain unchanged for centuries? While it’s tempting to keep them on display, ensuring your bottles are kept out of direct sunlight will ensure your whisky flavours remain true to their original expression. 

          Ideally, the best-tasting whisky is stored – and consumed – at room temperature (approximately 15 to 20 degrees Celsius). Store it in a cupboard or box unless you have a wine cellar to help your whisky keep cool and out of the sunlight and humidity. 

          Whether you do or don’t have a wine cellar, it’s important to store your whisky bottles upright so that the liquor isn’t in constant contact with the cork. Constant contact with high strength alcohol will cause the cork to degrade, allowing oxygen to leak into the bottle and compromising the taste of your whisky. However, it’s important to moisten the cork roughly once a month so that it doesn’t dry out or crumble – you can do this by simply turning or tipping the bottle upside down every 3-4 weeks. 

          To keep your whisky fresh once you’ve opened the bottle, it’s important to reseal it as tightly as possible, so excess oxygen can’t get in. 

          Oxidation and dissipation are the chemical processes that cause even the best whisky brands to lose some of their taste over time. When your whisky is sealed at the distillery, the oxidation which has occurred during the cask or barrel maturation process has been carefully controlled to produce a specific set of whisky flavours. Once the bottle has been opened, however, the oxidation process begins again slowly but inevitably. The more a bottle is opened and closed, the more oxidation becomes a factor. 

          An opened, near-full bottle of top shelf whisky will remain full flavoured for many years, provided it is kept out of direct sunlight, stored upright and out of the heat. 


          Suppose you’re keen to try some seriously top shelf whisky or introduce a friend to the fold with some solid whisky recommendations. In that case, you can get some of the best Australian spirits online at LARK Distillery.