Australian Spirits

          The Christmas Cask The Christmas Cask
          A wonderfully warm and festive drop to brighten up Christmas.
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          Symphony Nº1 Symphony Nº1
          Crowned The Category winner for the 2022 World Whiskies Awards.
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          Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur
          An ode to sugar and spice. A luxurious base for cocktails.
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          Classic Cask Classic Cask
          Our signature Classic Cask - Bill Lark's favourite.
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          Wolf Release IV Wolf Release IV
          A collaboration of distinction. Smoky, Daring, Bright.
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          DARK LARK Single Malt Whisky DARK LARK Single Malt Whisky
          A golden whisky hidden within an exclusive pitch black bottle.
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          Origins Single Malt Whisky Origins Single Malt Whisky
          The Origins of Lark Whisky, created from the pure lakes of Tasmania.
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          Chinotto Cask II Release Chinotto Cask II Release
          Bitter toffee and smoked orange roll off the tongue with every sip.
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          Classic Cask Strength 58% Classic Cask Strength 58%
          A wild and distinctive reflection of the Tasmanian landscape.
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          Wolf Release V Wolf Release V
          Our latest Single Malt. Molten mocha pours through a roasted malt-soaked core.
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          Mizunara Rare Cask Release Mizunara Rare Cask Release
          Crafted from one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world.
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          Amaro Cask Release Amaro Cask Release
          Italian flavours with modern methods and native botanicals.
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          Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur
          Born from the character and history of 30 year Seppeltsfield casks.
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          Chinotto Cask II Cask Strength Chinotto Cask II Cask Strength
          2022 Master Medal Winner for its innovative approach.
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          Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II
          Inspired by some of the world’s most famous sherry bombs.
          Muscat Cask Finish II Muscat Cask Finish II
          Easily mistaken for ice cream topping, or a fine Tasmanian fig paste.
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          Ruby Pinot Cask Finish Ruby Pinot Cask Finish
          A combination of Port, Sherry, Bourbon, White Oak and Wine casks.
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          Para 50 II Rare Cask Release Para 50 II Rare Cask Release
          Finished in rare Vintage Seppeltsfield Para Tawny Casks.
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          Brandy & PX Sherry Cask Brandy & PX Sherry Cask
          Treat yourself to a hug from this homely fruitcake in a glass.
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          Rum Cask Release III Rum Cask Release III
          A spectacular joining of single malt whisky and our very own unique Tasmanian rum.
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          Australian Spirits

          At Lark Distilling, we are a part of the Australian spirits industry in Tasmania. Our focus is on making premium single malt whisky, along with classic and flavoured gin and many other Australian liqueurs. Our passionate staff have been making award-winning whisky in Tasmania for over thirty years. In Australia, around 200 distilleries are making all different types of spirits. 

          Bill Lark, our founder, was instrumental in getting the whisky industry back on track by lobbying the government to correct an old law regarding the production of spirits. From then, we've been proud to lead the charge and see the Australian spirits industry become what it is today. The boutique distilling industry is responsible for driving new developments, and currently, there is an incredible number of spirits to sample. Tasmania is home to the most operating stills in Australia, with nearly 60 currently registered. 

          At Lark Distilling, we aim to showcase why Tasmania is one of the best places to craft whisky and other spirits, thanks to our clean environment and unique native ingredients. 

          What are the different types of spirits?

          Understanding the different types of Australian spirits is ideal if you're planning on running a bar, either commercially or home-based. While you may get different advice based on who you ask, there are approximately six spirits that you'll need as a base starter kit for any cocktail bar. 

          If you're buying Australian spirits for your home bar, then you may wish only to purchase the specific bottles you need to make the drink you prefer. However, getting a starter kit is ideal for an all-around bar and to help with any cocktail experimentation. The six types of spirits you need will include whisky, gin, liqueurs, rum, and vodka. 

          Whisky is distilled worldwide, and it comes in a variety of different styles and flavours. Whisky is the base of many popular cocktails. When choosing whisky, look for a premium aged whisky as these are highly desirable for novice and experienced whisky drinkers. 

          Gin is made from a neutral grain spirit and natural botanicals. The dominating flavour in gin is from juniper berries, but each distillery will add a blend of other botanicals to give their products a unique flavour. Almost all Australian gin is clear, but you can find flavoured gin coloured pink or blue. 

          Liqueurs generally have a lower alcohol content than other spirits. These are most often made from neutral grain spirits and may contain high levels of sugar. A liqueur is an encompassing term, but you'll find that having a few of these will give you excellent options for making cocktails. 

          Rum is made from distilling sugar such as molasses, although many Australian distilleries use sugar cane. Rum can taste of mildly toasted sugar, and it is commonly used in tropical cocktails. 

          Vodka has a neutral flavour making it one of the most versatile spirits you can use. Vodka is most famously made from potatoes, but you can actually use any natural grains. Vodka is distilled all over the world, but it is often associated with Russia and Poland. 

          These six spirits are ideal for filling up your liquor cabinet, and they can be enjoyed straight-up or mixed in a cocktail. One defining feature of spirits is they are all clear, except when aged in barrels where they'll take on a copper, or straw colouration.

          How to drink spirits properly?

          There is almost no ideal way to drink spirits. You may find some people who have an opinion, but really that’s just how they prefer to drink it. All spirits can be enjoyed straight and without any mixers. You'll usually find that the better a spirit is, the more flavourful and enjoyable it is to drink without it being mixed with other liquids. 

          If you're buying a top-shelf whisky or any other premium Australian spirits, it is recommended to try it without a mixer if you have not had it before. If you buy a whisky tasting set that includes a Glencairn glass from Lark Distilling, you'll have everything you need to uncover the authentic flavours of premium whisky. 

          All spirits will have an ideal serving temperature. For example, whisky needs to be served at room temperature, whereas gin is generally served cold. By serving your chosen Australian spirits at the right temperature, you'll get the most flavour out of them.

          Where can I buy the best Australian spirits?

          You can find Australian spirits in most retail liquor stores, but often you're limited in the range on offer. The best place to get your spirits is direct from the distillery that made them. At Lark Distilling Co., you'll find all our spirits in our online shop. If you're in Tasmania, you're also welcome to visit our cellar door, and we can take you through a tasting session of any of our Australian whisky and spirits. 

          Shopping online is a convenient way of ordering spirits and whisky delivery. After you place an order through our online shop, we'll have it packed and ready to ship in under a day. All deliveries will arrive at their destination in less than five days, except in some regional towns (these may take up to ten days). Our orders are handled by Australia Post, and a signature and suitable identification are required on delivery. 

          If you're not sure which spirits are best for you, be it for yourself or as a gift, please contact our team and offer our advice. When looking at spirits, it pays to read the tasting notes and choose those containing your preferred flavours.