Boilermaker House Whisky Bar Limited Release

Boilermaker House Whisky Bar Limited Release

Whisky 500ml

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With this whisky bar exclusive, Boilermaker house wanted something out of the ordinary. A whisky that will challenge what enthusiasts believe is possible or even imaginable. Our head distiller, Chris Thomson, is no stranger to this style and whisky innovation is something that we now consider our bread and butter.

Boilermaker House chose LDF811 as their exclusive whisky, a cask that has an interesting story to tell. Made up of three different casks of mature Coal Valley malt, from American Oak, Sherry and Port, then married together in a Buffalo Trace Bourbon cask.

If this cask wasn't interesting enough, all parties involved still wanted to turn it up a notch. So, much like it started life, LDF811 was split in to three casks, Rum, Shiraz and Oloroso. The result is a bustling whisky for adventurous people, it is certainly not for the faint of heart or the malt traditionalist. We invite you to experience the boundless freedom that this whisky represents, tied together with skill, innovation and passion.

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Tasting Notes


Rich berries and milk chocolate, layered with golden syrup and traces of white pepper underneath.


A buttery molasses arrival followed by fresh tropical fruits and cream, with caramelised pear appearing.


Raisins unfold with a deep malt character, carrying you away to spiced vanilla cookies and toasted oats.

Brimming with adventurous attitude.

With a staggering 900 whiskies on hand, their devotion to single malt is unwavering. Boilermaker’s chosen cask mirrors their bold spirit, pushing the boundaries of flavour married with a rare complexity like no other.