DARK LARK Single Malt Whisky

DARK LARK Single Malt Whisky

Whisky 500ml


Emerging through a portal of a misty skied Tasmanian winter, this DARK LARK release is dark and mysterious. A heady arrangement of light and dark whilst possessing the wild and untamed character of untouched forests. Indulge in dark cocoa drenched with luxuriant fruits, delving into the guilty pleasures of spun toffee and toasted tobacco.

A golden whisky hidden within an exclusive pitch black bottle, this rich and sinful single malt will light a fire in your soul.

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Tasting Notes


Wild tropical fruits are followed by rich cocoa and decadent dried figs, with orange zest and espresso lacing the aroma.


Succulent stone fruits, plump vanilla pods and caramelised banana oozes onto the palate.


Dark mocha descends into endless barley sugar. Finishing in the depths of spiced oak and toasted tobacco.

A Whisky Dark as Night

DARK LARK, a rich and sinful single malt that will light a fire in your soul. Mysterious golden liquid from the end of the world, hidden within a LARK exclusive pitch-black bottle.