Australian Gin

          Forty Spotted Pinot Noir Forty Spotted Pinot Noir
          Our secret blend of spices with Tasmanian Pinot grape.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry
          With refreshing notes of orange and tangerine and a long citrusy finish.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Wild Rose Forty Spotted Wild Rose
          Perfect over ice or with a dash of soda whilst dreaming of summer sunshine.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry + Pinot Noir Gin Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry + Pinot Noir Gin
          Sweet, aromatic influence of Australian citrus and spices of native Tasmania.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey
          Rooibos tea and the silky sweetness of Tasmanian bush honey.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Classic Forty Spotted Classic
          Clean, fresh and excitingly complex, it’s a spirit designed to excite the curious drinker.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Classic Gin & Raspberry + Rose Forty Spotted Classic Gin & Raspberry + Rose
          Clean, fresh and excitingly complex, it’s a spirit designed to excite the curious drinker.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Raspberry & Rose Forty Spotted Raspberry & Rose
          Botanical spirit - Low ABV% Gin.
          20% ABV

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          Australian Gin

          Australian gin is a very popular drink, with distilleries all over Australia crafting their own spin on this traditional spirit. At Lark Distillery Co., we predominantly use Tasmanian native plants and fruits in our gin. The Tasmanian pepperberry, also known as mountain pepper or bush pepper, adds a delightfully spicy flavour to our gin. In addition to regular pepper flavour, the Tasmanian pepperberry has a fruity aroma combined with eucalyptus oils. 

          Australia is home to some incredible natural foods and flavours that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world. By relying on these botanical ingredients, the flavours you'll get from any Australian gin are genuinely unique. 

          Gin was first developed in the 11th century in Europe, and it was first made as a cure-all medicinal liquid. It wasn't until the 17th century that gin was being sold as a commercial endeavour. Gin is a highly versatile spirit, and boutique distilleries are making some simply outstanding blends. The most popular flavours of gin include citrus, honey, and grapes. Today, you can find gin festivals in most major cities, as people come together to celebrate gin and to try out new and intriguing blends and flavour combinations. At Lark Distillery, our gin focuses on Tasmanian botanicals, and we aim to showcase the best natural flavours from our local area.

          What does Australian gin taste like?

          The primary flavours of any Australian gin come from the botanicals added during the production. For any spirits to be labelled as gin, there are strict rules that every distillery must follow. Firstly, it must be made from a neutral spirit distilled from a natural product (wheat, barley, etc.). All gin must have juniper as the base flavour, and it needs to be above 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). 

          As gin must contain juniper as the prominent flavour, all gin will have a familiar taste. But a gin master distiller will use other botanicals in the mix to create something unique, and this is where the excitement comes from for many gin lovers. It is best to examine what botanicals have gone into the mix when looking at a specific gin. For example, our classic gin is made using the native Tasmanian pepperberry, kaffir lime leaves, and lemon. When you drink our classic gin, you'll notice these combined with the traditional juniper flavour. 

          If you're looking for something with a little more flair, you can seek out a high quality flavoured gin. Traditional gin is a clear liquid, but flavoured gin often takes on the colours of the botanical used in the mix. This can aid in creating some exciting cocktails, or you can enjoy the gin by itself and marvel at the skills of the master distiller.

          How to drink gin?

          There are several ways that you can drink gin. Unopened bottles of Australian gin can be kept in the pantry, but these should be chilled before service. You can place a gin bottle in the fridge for about a day before opening or in the freezer for a few hours. As gin has a high ABV, it will not freeze, so that you can keep it in there indefinitely. 

          Gin should never be served warm unless in a warmed cocktail (e.g., a hot toddy). If you haven't had time to get the bottle down to the correct temperature, you can pour your gin into a glass filled with ice. Use a large block of ice so it doesn't dilute the gin. Gin is a versatile drink, and it can be served straight or mixed into a cocktail. A gin and tonic is the most common way to drink gin. When making a gin and tonic, choose a highball glass and fill it halfway with crushed ice. Next, pour in 60ml of Australian gin, then add a tablespoon of lime juice, followed by 125ml of tonic water, and stir. Finally, top the glass off with a lime wedge or slice. A gin and tonic are incredibly refreshing and just the thing for a lazy summer afternoon. 

          You can pair gin with several foods, and with these working together, you can elevate the flavours of the gin and your meal. Seafood is an excellent pairing when you're drinking a gin and tonic. The light flavours of the fish will help to bring out the flavour of the gin. Crafting a charcuterie board filled with cured meats, cheese, and berries is simply delightful to share with your favourite gin with your friends.

          Where can I buy an Australian gin near me?

          The best place to buy Australian gin is direct from the distillery. While you'll find plenty of gin in your local retail liquor store, often, they only stock the most well-known brands. When buying your gin directly, you'll have the option to choose from that particular distillery's entire catalogue of gin. At Lark Distillery Co., we have all our classic gin and the popular flavoured gin available online. When we have a limited released gin, this is usually only available directly through our shop. 

          When you're shopping for Australian spirits at Lark Distilling Co., you can choose to add any of these to a whisky delivery and have it sent directly to your home or place of business. After you place your order, it will be packed and ready to ship in one day. All orders are expected to arrive in under five days (regional centres will take 3-10 days to arrive). 

          Gin can make for an excellent gift, and we have several gin gift sets available. The Lark whisky tasting set or aged whisky will also make a fine gift for a close friend or corporate clients. Australian whisky and gin are perfect for adding to any liquor cabinet. These fine spirits can be used to make many cocktails or to enjoy neat. If you need assistance choosing the best gin or whisky for you, you can ask our staff. Alternatively, you can visit one of our cellar doors for a tasting session.