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Forty Spotted Pinot Noir
Forty Spotted Pinot Noir

Forty Spotted Pinot Noir

Gin 700ml

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A Forty Spotted Limited Release Gin: our Pinot Noir release is a sweet, fruity combination of Tasmania’s finest, full-bodied Pinot grapes, peppery juniper, and a secret blend of fragrant spices. Hints of delicate citrus tangle with dark berries and plums in a warming embrace of rich, reddish-purple.

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Tasting Notes


A delicious sweet full-bodied blend of raspberries, plum and cherries. Hints of spice, juniper and citrus. This gin embodies the boldness of a true pinot noir, with soft pine notes underneath.


Viscous sweet palate, dark berries with a pinch of delicate grapefruit pith and berry tannin.


Warming spice, rose dry finish.