An Unforgettable Dining Experience

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

On May 3rd, whisky enthusiasts gathered at The LARK Side Dining Experience, an unforgettable event that celebrated the rebellious spirit of Tasmanian cuisine. This extraordinary dinner showcased the exceptional produce of Tasmania, accompanied by the experimental creations of local chefs and distillers.

With a focus on the art of whisky and culinary creativity, guests were treated to an immersive four-course menu prepared by the talented chef Jimi Anderson of Season & Fire. The highlight of the evening was the exquisite pairing of each course with the renowned single malt whiskies from The LARK Signature Collection; Classic Cask and Classic Cask Strength, as well as exciting new LARK additions: Tasmanian Peated and Rebellion.

An Immersive Whisky Journey

Jimi Anderson, the creative force behind Season & Fire, took guests on a remarkable culinary journey, skilfully pairing each course with the unique characteristics of The LARK whiskies. As the evening unfolded, tantalising aromas of aromatic smoke filled the air, while textures of char added depth to the dishes. The thoughtfully curated menu allowed guests to fully immerse their palates in Jimi's interpretations, enhancing their appreciation for the interplay between food and whisky.

The dinner was a testament to the artistry of Tasmanian cuisine and the dedication of The LARK to pushing the boundaries of whisky-making. By blending rebellion and revelry, The LARK Side Dining Experience left a lasting impression, inviting all who attended to join in the celebration of extraordinary flavours and the allure of Tasmanian whisky.

Exclusive Whisky Collecting Opportunity:

For whisky enthusiasts eager to continue their whisky journey beyond the event, LARK offered a unique opportunity to purchase limited-edition bottles from the Signature Collection. The Classic Cask and Cask Strength, personally signed by Founder Bill Lark, provided a link to the brand's rich heritage, while Rebellion and Tasmanian Peated, signed by the Master Blender Chris Thomson, offered a glimpse into the exciting future of Tasmanian whisky innovation.

Venture into a new world of whisky


Venture into a new world of whisky


LARK Signature Collection Pack

A meeting of the pure Tasmanian environment & experimental character of its creators.

A collection that brings to life our founders’ ongoing quest to craft whisky that not only reflects the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape, but dares to pioneer a new path in pursuit of greatness. 

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Welcome to The LARK Side. This is the new world of whisky. A meeting of the pure Tasmanian environment and experimental character of its creators.

Each Signature whisky within this pack has it's own place and story. 


A taste of the Tasmanian spirit. ​ A delicately smoky dram to ignite the senses. ​ Embark on a journey through the rugged depths of Tasmania, where enticing hints of woodsmoke dance on beautifully pristine air. This special single malt starts where our Central Highlands peat bog and the wild landscape meet. ​ ​

A wonderfully warming drop for the bold palate, where earthy peat and delicate florals transport you to the untamed.​ ​ Enjoy neat by the crackle of a roaring fire, or elevate your favourite cocktail with a delicate touch of smoke.


Finished in casks hand seasoned with vibrant chinotto citrus​. This distinctive sun-kissed single malt dances with candied citrus, a balance of malt flavour fired up with a bittersweet edge.​ ​ Vivacious and bright, follow your curiosity into uncharted whisky territory, where cocktails are encouraged, and conventions are there to be challenged.​​


Born from rebellion and revelry, Classic Cask learned the rules, and broke them. This is where it started, it’s approachable, with a complex edge. This award-winning bottle in The LARK Signature Collection is signed by Founder Bill Lark, representing his mark on the new world of whisky. 

Brewed by hand and distilled with the intention of producing a heavy and viscous palate structure.  Double-distilled and aged in a considered selection of small casks. For the connoisseur, the collector and the just curious, at any stage of your journey into the whisky world, Classic Cask is enjoyed by all. The benchmark of LARK single malt.


Venture into the new frontier with a taste of something bolder. A wild and distinctive reflection of the Tasmanian landscape and the pioneering spirit of our makers. Cask Strength 58% is shaped and carved by old-style LARK. It’s heritage and mastery with a brazen spirit, embracing the triumphs of the old world while marching fearlessly on to the new. 

A single malt with a strong port cask influence, giving rise to bold flavours of dried fruit and butterscotch, illuminated by sweet notes of Tasmanian highland peat.  Let the depth of character in this bold single malt come alive with a splash of water or over ice.

This award-winning bottle in The LARK Signature Collection is signed by Founder Bill Lark, representing his mark on the new world of whisky. Best enjoyed by anyone, any way they like.


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