Lark raises a glass to celebrate 30 years of distilling

31/12/ 2021
Lark raises a glass to celebrate 30 years of distilling

Tasmania’s first and finest whisky distillery reflects on three decades of innovation as the past, present and future of Tasmanian whisky.

For Lark Distilling Co., 2022 will mark thirty years of crafting world-class and uniquely Tasmanian whisky. As a new year begins, the iconic distillery is reflecting on three decades of growth, struggles, successes and changes, while also using the milestone to honour the community and environment that has made the journey possible.

In the late 1980s, The Godfather of Australian Whisky and Lark Distilling Co. founder Bill Lark asked the question that pioneered the future of whisky in Tasmania: why wasn’t anyone making single malt here? In 1992 he received the first Tasmanian distiller’s license granted in 154 years, and with a makeshift still on a kitchen table both and courage and curiosity in equal measure, this passion unfurled into a quiet pursuit of the exceptional. For the following thirty years, Lark has defied every expectation of what it means to make Tasmanian whisky.

From these humble beginnings, Lark has grown to become one of the most celebrated and recognised distilleries in the country and beyond, being named as one of four distillers nominated for Worldwide Whisky Producer of the Year at the 2020 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Looking forward, the future is equally bright. After the acquisition of the Pontville Distillery in October 2021, Lark boasts a 500,000 litre distilling capacity and a diverse, inclusive, whisky-loving community. As well as growing its team and production capabilities, Lark will continue to innovate by exploring unfamiliar flavours and processes, and collaborating with those who share an affinity for creativity - like Seppeltsfield and Wolf of the Willows.

The brand remains the leading voice and tastemaker in the Australian whisky market, and continues to shine on the international stage. Indeed, all over the world as Lark makes its mark in bars and tumblers across the world, it's obvious that Bill Lark’s original message of excellence and craft is being received by avid fans all keen for a taste of Tassie’s tiny island community.