Australian Liqueur

          Slàinte Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur Slàinte Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur
          An ode to sugar and spice. A luxurious base for cocktails.
          32.9% ABV Whisky Liqueur

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          Australian Liqueur

          At Lark Distilling Co, we produce some excellent Australian liqueur in our Tasmanian distillery using only the finest local ingredients. The base for our liqueur is our finest single malt whisky, which we then mix with local botanicals to produce a sweet lemon and orange liqueur with flavours of caramel and vanilla.  

          A liqueur is different from most liquors, such as whisky or rum, due to its production process. The spirit is distilled, sweetened with sugar, then flavoured with oils, herbs, and other botanicals. Adding sugar to a distilled liquor drops the alcohol content, although this is not always the case. Most liqueurs do not require a lot of time to mature, but they’ll still need enough time for the flavours to develop into a quality product. Liqueurs can be enjoyed neat as an after-meal palette cleanser, but their primary use is making cocktails and cooking.

          What does Australian liqueur taste like?

          Australian liqueur will come in all sorts of different flavours. Generally, the liqueur you choose will have a dominant flavour marked on the bottle. For example, you’ll find coffee liqueurs, orange liqueurs, and even almond liqueurs. As for the combinations, they are only limited by the imagination of the master distiller. 

          What defines a liqueur is how it is made, including the base spirit and what sweeteners are used. The most common base spirits for Australian liqueur are rum, whisky, and brandy. At Lark Distilling Co, we use whisky as the base spirit for our liqueur.

          Liqueurs were traditionally produced for medicinal purposes, and they have a history that goes back to the days of monks experimenting with alchemy. The origins of many liqueurs have been lost to the history books, and there are arguments over who precisely invented them and developed the recipes. 

          You’ll find that a common idea with all liqueurs is that they are a lower ABV (alcohol by volume) than most hard liquors. These can be as low as 15 ABV, but you can find much higher at around 55 ABV. People often mistake the sweeter flavour for these drinks being low in alcohol. When choosing a liqueur, it is best to be mindful that these drinks can vary wildly in their potency. 

          While you can drink liqueurs neat, they are often found mixed into cocktails. You’ll find that bars and home liquor cabinets will have at least a few liqueurs on hand. A good quality liqueur is also very handy in the kitchen if you add something extra to a dessert or sauce.

          What food goes well with Australian liqueur?

          Due to the variance of Australian liqueur, there are no real hard and fast rules for pairing a drink with your meal. In most cases, you can drink and eat anything you want at the same time, and you’ll know what flavours work well and what doesn’t. A good meal is about finding balance, and when you find that perfect drink to add, it shouldn’t disrupt anything. Instead, the drink should complement the meal or at least fit in with a similar flavour profile. 

          Experimentation with food and liqueur is often the best method for finding out what works with which foods. As liqueurs tend to be quite sweet, they can do well with spicy and salty foods. All of the flavours in this example will blend and complement each other to form a cohesive meal. 

          If you’re using a liqueur that can be a little bitter, such as some orange liqueurs, then you may prefer to pair it with sweet and creamy dishes. An orange liqueur is often a classic match with a rich chocolate cake; orange liqueur can be added to the cake batter for the perfect combination. 

          When you’re pairing food, if you’ve tasted both of them before, you probably have a good idea of what might work well. While you may not hit the nail right on the head every time, you’re sure to get the basics down, and then it’s just a matter of refinement.

          Where can I buy Australian liqueur near me?

          At Lark Distillery, we have our quality Australian liqueur available, and you can buy these directly through our online store. Buying the liquor of your choice now from a distillery is the best way to uncover all the products they’ve released. While you can find good quality liqueurs in most retail liquor stores, you’re often limited in what you’ll find. Most retail stores will need to stock a specific variety, and they’re not set up to welcome smaller distilleries. 

          In the Lark Distillery online shop, we have all our current releases available, and you can choose from any of our products. In addition to our Australian liqueur, you’ll also find our aged whisky, classic gin, and flavoured gin. The Australian whisky industry has been responsible for producing some of the best liqueurs you’ll find at the moment. 

          If you’d like to uncover the delights of whisky, we’d highly recommend a whisky tasting set. You can add any of our whiskies to a whisky delivery along with your choice of our liqueurs. If you need any assistance with your order, contact our team, and we’ll happily offer our recommendations. Alternatively, you’re always welcome to visit our cellar door and experience all we can provide first hand.