Whisky Sets

          Glencairn Whisky Glass Glencairn Whisky Glass
          It’s the official whisky glass designed specifically for the whisky drinker.
          Whisky Tasting Flight Whisky Tasting Flight
          A collection of our flagship whiskies including Classic Cask and Symphony Nº1.
          Personalised Single Malt Personalised Single Malt
          Gift a taste of Tasmania’s finest with a personalised bottle of LARK Classic Cask.
          Choose Font
          43% ABV Personalise
          Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer
          A collaboration of distinction.
          50% ABV
          Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II
          The Perfect Whisky Gift. Symphony No.1 & Sherry
          Classic Cask + Brandy & PX Sherry Classic Cask + Brandy & PX Sherry
          Unwrap a new whisky experience, with two spectacular single malts.
          Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II + Glencairn Glass Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II + Glencairn Glass
          Inspired by some of the world’s most famous sherry bombs.
          50.8% ABV
          Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn
          A spectacular joining of single malt whisky and our very own unique Tasmanian rum.
          55% ABV
          Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish
          Our flagship Classic Cask and one of the greatest flavour pairings of all time.
          Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass
          Full of dark forest fruits, bright citrus peel and Tasmanian brandy.
          48% ABV
          LARK x Denver & Liely Whisky Glass LARK x Denver & Liely Whisky Glass
          It’s the official whisky glass designed specifically for the whisky drinker.
          Rum & PX Sherry Finish + Glencairn Glass Rum & PX Sherry Finish + Glencairn Glass
          Casks of ex-Bourbon, ex-Sherry and White Oak.
          53.5% ABV

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          Whisky Sets

          Whisky sets are a brilliant introduction to the many whiskies available in Australia. At Lark Distilling Co., you'll find a brilliant selection of whisky gift sets. When you purchase a whisky set, you are getting a sample of what the distiller can produce. These samples can allow you to explore what is being crafted or send these to others as a gift. Sharing a love of whisky is often an excellent idea, and as whisky will not spoil or change, it can be saved for a time when you can enjoy the bottles together. A whisky gift is often seen as a promise to get together in the future.

          How to choose the right whisky gift set?

          Premium whisky sets will come as a complete package and ideally offer an experience of the finest whisky a distiller has to offer. Generally, there are several types of gift sets containing whisky. The first is where you get a bottle of whisky and a Glencairn whisky glass. This set is ideal for anyone interested in the nuances of tasting whisky and uncovering its complete flavour profile. At Lark Distilling Co., we have several whisky tasting sets available; these make for brilliant gifts or to buy for yourself. 

          The other style of whisky sets is when you get one, two or more bottles to sample. These sets are ideal for trying a premium aged whisky before buying a larger bottle. They also make excellent gifts for anyone interested in whisky or who has yet to try a Tasmanian top-shelf whisky

          A tasting set of three or more bottles is commonly referred to as a whisky tasting flight. These can be shared among a group of people, with one person leading the session; they are known as the pilot. If someone invites you to participate in a whisky flight, you'll know you're in for an exciting experience. Usually, a whisky flight will showcase a specific distillery or a personal collection.

          How to drink whisky?

          If you've never had premium whisky or any whisky before, then they can be overpowering at the beginning. You may find that the high alcohol content makes it difficult to discern the flavours of the whisky. However, there are a few methods you can use to overcome this issue. If you haven't spent any time around other people drinking whisky, you may only be aware of whisky as it is used in popular culture. But most of what they do is for entertainment and not the enjoyment of a finely crafted whisky; all whisky is designed to be sipped and savoured. 

          Buying whisky sets that have a Glencairn glass is an excellent way to get started, as not only will you get a few different bottles, but you'll have the right equipment. A Glencairn glass is like a wine glass, but it has a stubby solid base. Whisky should be served at room temperature (15-20oC). When you're tasting, you only need a small amount in the glass; about 15ml will be enough. In tasting whisky, there are three steps: appearance, aroma, and palate or taste. 

          Pour the whisky into the glass and give it a gentle swirl to examine the colours. You'll see golds and ambers try to be as descriptive as possible. Next is the aroma; inhale the vapours at the top of the glass. Aromas are excellent for triggering memories; familiar scents for whisky include salt, stewed fruit, leather, and smoke. You can write down what the scents remind you of, and it'll help you get a clearer picture during future tastings. 

          The final step is to taste the whisky. Let the liquid roll around and coat your tongue. Allow the whisky to reach all parts of your mouth, and then swallow. What flavours did you detect, and was there a lingering aftertaste? After you finish this first sip, you can pour another if you like and see if you get the same experience. If you find the whisky too powerful, you can add a few drops of water to it. The water will dilute the alcohol slightly and help to intensify the flavours. 

          If you need assistance with the flavours you may find in your whisky, most distillers will release tasting notes, and these may be printed on the bottle. However, as taste is unique to everyone, you may or may not agree with the tasting notes.

          Another way to enjoy a premium Australian whisky is by pairing it with food. Most people are aware of pairing food with wine but don't generally consider it with whisky. You'll find that roasted red meat, pork ribs, cheeses and chocolate all go well with whisky. Experimenting with food and whisky sets is an excellent option to uncover new flavours. You can craft a charcuterie board filled with all sorts of local and imported items.

          Where can I buy whisky gift sets near me?

          You'll find whisky sets available at most distilleries. At Lark Distilling Co., you can choose from a selection of whisky gift sets and have them delivered directly to your home. These sets are designed to give you an excellent experience and genuinely showcase all that Lark Distillery has to offer. 

          In addition to our whisky gift sets, you'll find many other products available in our online shop, and any of these can be added to your whisky delivery. All our Australian spirits and whiskies are sent out through Australia Post, and they'll arrive at your address in under five days (or ten days for regional areas). If you need assistance choosing the right gift set for you, feel free to contact one of our team members.