Whisky Tasting Set

          Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer
          A collaboration of distinction.
          50% ABV
          Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II
          The Perfect Whisky Gift. Symphony No.1 & Sherry
          Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn
          A spectacular joining of single malt whisky and our very own unique Tasmanian rum.
          55% ABV
          Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish
          Our flagship Classic Cask and one of the greatest flavour pairings of all time.
          Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass
          Full of dark forest fruits, bright citrus peel and Tasmanian brandy.
          48% ABV

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          Whisky Tasting Set

          If you've been looking at that bottle of Lark Distillery single malt whisky for a while, but you're not sure if it's worth the investment, then a whisky tasting set can be the perfect purchase. In these sets, you'll receive a few bottles of our whisky. When you're tasting whisky, you only need about 15-30ml to experience all the flavours. 

          While tasting whisky, you can take notes and write down what flavours you detect. When you taste the whisky for the first time, you may be able to detect the most prominent flavours. However, it is during the subsequent tastings you'll encounter the more subtle flavour. Adding a little water to your second taste can help the flavours be more detectable. When tasting whisky, you can use three variables, appearance, aroma, and palate, to uncover a complete flavour profile of your chosen whisky. Many people find that when tasting whisky, the flavours will invoke memories, which can add to your overall experience.

          What are whisky tasting sets used for?

          A whisky tasting set is primarily used as a method for tasting the whiskies of a specific distillery. If you're looking to sample the best of any distillery without buying full-sized bottles, visiting a whisky bar, or going to a distillery cellar door, these sets are ideal. A tasting set can be perfect for helping you choose which whisky you prefer from a specific distillery. When you're interested in a top-shelf whisky, having a sample before investing in a larger bottle is often the best guide for knowing which one to choose. 

          Another use for a whisky tasting set is to give these as gifts. If you know someone that enjoys fine whisky, then buying them a tasting set from a world-class distillery can be simply perfect. Almost all whisky drinkers love to sample whisky from various distilleries and uncover the flavours that each can craft. Often a gift of aged whisky is a promise to get together and share a drink together. A whisky set can also make for a brilliant corporate gift, and it'll give your clients or staff something unique and exciting to enjoy.

          How to choose the right whisky tasting set?

          The whisky tasting set you choose will really depend on your personal preference. At Lark Distillery, we have several tasting sets available, and some will even come with our Glencairn whisky glass. Before choosing any whisky, it is good to look at any available tasting notes and see if the flavours appeal to your particular tastes. 

          In most tasting sets, you get a good feel for what whiskies a distillery produces. The master distiller often designs these tasting sets to provide a good representation of their best whisky. When you buy any tasting set, it is an excellent introduction to a particular distillery. Usually, these sets are priced less than a full-sized bottle, and you get to sample a few different whiskies instead of the one. 

          If you want to decide which whisky tasting set is best for you, reading the reviews from trusted sources can be a great place to start. All people may experience something slightly different when tasting whisky. However, most professional whisky tasters are highly proficient and will pick up on the minute flavours in each bottle. Reading up on recent whisky awards can also tell you what whiskies and distilleries are highly regarded. 

          Examining tasting notes and reviews is an excellent method for making an informed choice. But you may find the absolute best method is picking the one you think looks the best. Exploring and discovering the unique flavours of different whisky is the idea behind any tasting set. In these bottles, you'll receive enough whisky for several tasting sessions. You can choose to taste the whisky alone or invite a couple of friends over and make an evening of it. You may find that with the encouragement of your friends, you'll uncover new flavours that you may not have detected when tasting alone.

          Where can I buy the best whisky tasting set near me?

          With Australian whisky, buying it directly from the distillery online is your best option. While you can find a good selection of whisky in most retail liquor stores, these are often limited in scope and may not offer you everything available. All our whiskies are available online at Lark Distilling Co., including our very popular whisky tasting sets. 

          If you can't visit our cellar door for a whisky flight, buying a whisky tasting set is an excellent option. These sets can introduce you to some of our releases, and they make for the perfect gift for any whisky enthusiast. Our most popular tasting sets will come with three 100ml bottles and our Glencairn whisky glass. You can add any of these sets to your whisky delivery. In addition to our tasting sets, you can find all our other Australian spirits in our online shop. We have some excellent Australian gin, including flavoured gin, made using only the finest Tasmanian botanical. 

          All orders are shipped out from our distillery within one business day after they've been placed. Australia Post handles all our deliveries, and all parcels will require a signature on delivery, and you'll need to present suitable identification. If you need any assistance in choosing a whisky tasting set, you can contact our team, and we'll offer our expert advice.