Made of Tasmania

Over 30 years, our team has built what is now one of Australia's most famous whisky distilleries, recently nominated as one of four distillers for the Worldwide Whisky Producer of the Year award.

Tasmania is ideally situated to make malt whisky, and yet 150 years after the last licensed Tasmanian distillery closed its doors, it took a whisky lover to realise the environment was perfect.

Fresh water sphagnum peat is mined from Lark’s own peat bog in the Tasmanian Highlands, transported to the distillery, and used every day to smoke our Australian sourced barley - which we use to brew our own wash on site. Oak casks are individually selected from Australia’s finest fortified producers to age our single malt spirit.

We're forever curious, we continually look to the future, whilst remaining true to our past. Our signature Classic Cask will consistently represent the best in Single Malt Whisky, mastered by our founder and the Godfather of Australian Whisky, Bill Lark, always crafted at our Coal River Lark Distillery, Tasmania.

Yet it’s our ambitious nature and unwavering drive that continues to propel us forward. To create new and exceptional whiskies, to celebrate all of life’s moments — big and small.

          Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II
          Inspired by some of the world’s most famous sherry bombs.
          The Christmas Cask The Christmas Cask
          A wonderfully warm and festive drop to brighten up Christmas.
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          Evolve Whisky Bar Limited Release Evolve Whisky Bar Limited Release
          Our first collaboration with a Tasmanian whisky bar.
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          Nola Whisky Bar Limited Release Nola Whisky Bar Limited Release
          Serving up a long and zesty single malt experience.
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          Boilermaker House Whisky Bar Limited Release Boilermaker House Whisky Bar Limited Release
          A whisky that will challenge what enthusiasts believe is possible or even imaginable.
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          Death & Taxes Whisky Bar Limited Release Death & Taxes Whisky Bar Limited Release
          A young, unique cask that would work with the location and fresh offering of the bar.
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          Cobbler Whisky Bar Limited Release Cobbler Whisky Bar Limited Release
          Opened in 2013 by Martin Lange, Cobbler was Queensland’s first whisky bar.
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          Origins Single Malt Whisky Origins Single Malt Whisky
          The Origins of Lark Whisky, created from the pure lakes of Tasmania.
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          Mizunara Rare Cask Release Mizunara Rare Cask Release
          Crafted from one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world.
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          Australian Whisky

          Lark Distillery has been producing premium Australian whisky for the past 30 years. The whisky industry is still reasonably young in Australia, especially compared to other countries like Scotland and Ireland. However, with Australia's unique climate, you can find all different styles of whisky. 

          From the beginning, the goal of Lark Distillery was to showcase what makes Tasmania the best place to produce quality, top-shelf whisky in Australia. By using the best of Tasmanian produce, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the world of whisky. We’ve won numerous Australian and international awards with decades of experience in producing whisky and other spirits. Our reputation as a top producer of fine whisky allows you to discover why Australian liqueur and whisky are considered some of the best in the world.

          If you haven't sampled the delights of Australian whisky, you can expect to find flavours similar to traditional Scottish whisky. However, while the methods to produce and distill are very similar, there are differences in the flavour. Australian whisky is not constrained to specific methods, and you'll find examples of single malt, rye, wheat, and blended varieties. With all these options, it can be difficult to find a good starting point, but you'll definitely have an excellent experience with a Lark single malt whisky.

          What does Australian whisky taste like?

          Australian whisky has a similar flavour to Scottish whisky, as many of the distillers follow the basic methods. However, as Australian distilleries use many local ingredients, you'll find that the flavours are nuanced. In terms of a specific flavour, whisky is very similar to wine in that it can be unique to the region. For example, you'll find that a Tasmanian whisky is inherently different from one distilled in Victoria. 

          The best way to get a feel for any whisky you haven't tried before is to purchase a whisky tasting set. These sets will offer a collection of smaller bottles, and it gives you a good guide for what that particular distiller can offer. At Lark Distilling Co., we have many whisky tasting sets available, and these make for excellent gifts for anyone interested in Australian whisky. Although, if you're touring around Tasmania, you're always welcome to drop into our distillery during our opening times and see how we make the best Australian whisky first hand. 

          When you're sampling any new whisky, you may find writing notes on your first experiences is an excellent method for getting a clear image of what flavours you discovered. Ideally, whisky tasting should be completed using an appropriate whisky glass. The Glencairn style glass is often favoured by whisky distillers. If you don't have a Glencairn style whisky glass, then a standard whisky tumbler or any tulip shaped glass is suitable. 

          There are three main components to tasting a new whisky, and if you follow these, you'll gain a full appreciation for the distiller's intent. The first step is the appearance of the whisky. Pour a small amount (about 30ml) into your glass and examine the colours. Roll the whisky around the glass and examine how  beads form and slowly run down the sides. Gently swirl the whisky and then inhale the aromas. Does the smell remind you of anything? Try to be as descriptive as possible. You may detect familiar scents such as salted meats, leather, smoke, and baked fruits. You may find tasting notes on the back label of the Australian whisky to help you, but the experience is often unique to the taster. 

          After you've checked the appearance and the aroma, the next step is to take a sip. Allow the whisky to coat your tongue, and move it around your mouth. Give it a few seconds, and then swallow the liquid. Check to see if the whisky has an aftertaste. Does a certain flavour linger? Next, try the whisky again, but add in a few drops of water. Water can help to open up the flavours and make them more apparent.

          What is the best way to serve Australian whisky?

          Purists may tell you precisely how to drink Australian whisky. But, the best way to enjoy whisky is however you prefer. Some people enjoy it straight up, others over cubed ice, and some may prefer to add a mixer (e.g., coke). The important part of enjoying whisky is to drink it the way you prefer. 

          If you're looking to enjoy your whisky with food, there are several that will enhance the flavours. Australian whisky pairs well with many of the same foods that go well with an excellent red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, etc.). For example, you can try the whisky with roasted beef, pork ribs, salmon, cheese, and chocolate. You can even put together a charcuterie board with an assortment of local cured meats, cheeses, nuts, and fruit.

          Where can I buy Australian whisky near me?

          At Lark Distilling Co., we are internationally award-winning producers of fine Australian whisky. Our whisky is distilled in Tasmania, which is the heartland of Australian whisky. You can buy our whisky in our online shop, and we can send it directly to your home (or business). 

          We have a brilliant selection of aged whisky. All standard whisky delivery orders are processed through Australia Post, delivering to most areas in less than five days (ten days for some regional towns).