Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish

Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish

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Classic Cask 43% + Rum & PX Sherry Finish 53.5%

Unwrap a new whisky experience, with two spectacular single malts.

Our flagship Lark Classic Cask - the benchmark of Lark's house style. Experience our renowned flavours of rich caramel, butterscotch and citrus paired with a seemingly never ending finish. Bill Lark's favourite dram.

Our Limited Release Rum & PX Sherry is a classic reimagined. Inspired by one of the greatest flavour pairings of all time, Rum and Raisin, this unique single malt sees surprising notes of dried papaya and Quiet Cannon rum collide with deep forest fruits, cherries, and plum pudding before finally giving way to an incredibly fresh and complex finish. 

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Tasting Notes


Classic Cask: Golden syrup and vanilla with hints of oranges and grapefruit. Plum pudding, Christmas cake, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and a wisp of Tasmanian peat smoke. Rum & PX: A swashbuckling duel between two cask favourites sees notes of dried fruit, plum pudding, rich fruits of the forest, dried papaya, rich oak and Quiet Cannon rum.


Classic Cask: Sweet vanilla transforms into a heady combination of orange peel, butterscotch, cloves, nutmeg and grapefruit. Rum & PX: Fresh and tropical fruits explode on the palate followed by cherries, raisins and dark chocolate.


Classic Cask: Butterscotch and citrus notes with a long, satisfying smoky finish. Rum & PX: Long, fresh, lifted and complex.  An Indian summer of a whisky.

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