Tasmanian Gin

Forty Spotted Gin

Forty Spotted are Tasmanian distillers and the raw and wild beauty that surrounds us here provides the inspirations for all that we do. We didn't want to just make the best gin in the world, we wanted to also create the most beautiful gin brand, and what better place to do that than from the bottom of the world.

The inspiration for our iconic bottle is derived from the rule of our planet; in nature, there are no straight lines.

The untamed flow and beauty of the southern ocean currents are honoured on our bottle design. We pay homage to the origins of our brand's heritage which remains at the bottom of the world, with our bottle upright, facing south.

          Forty Spotted Classic Forty Spotted Classic
          Clean, fresh and excitingly complex, it’s a spirit designed to excite the curious drinker.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry
          With refreshing notes of orange and tangerine and a long citrusy finish.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Pinot Noir Forty Spotted Pinot Noir
          Our secret blend of spices with Tasmanian Pinot grape.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Wild Rose Forty Spotted Wild Rose
          Perfect over ice or with a dash of soda whilst dreaming of summer sunshine.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey
          Rooibos tea and the silky sweetness of Tasmanian bush honey.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Raspberry & Rose Forty Spotted Raspberry & Rose
          Botanical spirit - Low ABV% Gin.
          20% ABV
          Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry + Pinot Noir Gin Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry + Pinot Noir Gin
          Sweet, aromatic influence of Australian citrus and spices of native Tasmania.
          40% ABV
          Forty Spotted Classic Gin & Raspberry + Rose Forty Spotted Classic Gin & Raspberry + Rose
          Clean, fresh and excitingly complex, it’s a spirit designed to excite the curious drinker.
          40% ABV

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          Tasmanian gin is known for being some of the best in the world. At Lark Distilling Co., we are delighted to have several different gins in our range of spirits. Our gin is infused with several native Tasmanian botanicals, and they're designed to demonstrate the uniqueness and purity of Tasmania. 

          In Tasmania, you'll find an assortment of plants that simply do not exist anywhere else in the world. When you try our Tasmanian gin, you'll be offered some familiar flavours and be confronted with new and exciting tastes that you may not have seen used in any other gin. Currently, gin is seeing a resurgence in popularity, with most of this being attributed to new distilleries and master distillers trying interesting botanical mixes. 

          Gin is a spirit that has a long-standing tradition. It was initially created in the 11th century by European monks. Gin was first made for medicinal purposes, but by the 17th, the popularity of gin had grown, and it was being sold in commercial quantities. In the 21st century, gin is celebrated worldwide due to the many diverse and exciting flavours available. You'll find gin festivals in many major cities, where people can come together and celebrate everything they love about gin.

          What does Tasmanian gin taste like?

          The specific flavour of Tasmanian gin is dependent on the types of botanicals used during the production stages. For any spirits to be labelled as gin, it needs to follow a strict set of rules, including how the primary flavour is juniper. The fundamental differences in gin come from what other natural botanical ingredients are added. 

          At Lark Distilling Co., we are interested in showcasing the brilliance of local Tasmanian native ingredients. Almost all of our Tasmanian gin will have our native pepperberry added to the botanical makeup. The pepperberry tree, also called the mountain pepper or bushman's pepper adds a spicy and fruity eucalyptus aroma to our gin. 

          Our master distiller will change the botanical elements to deliver a new and exciting flavour profile when making Tasmanian gin. We have a Tasmanian bush honey gin, citrus and pepperberry gin, a wild rose, and other limited release gins. If you're looking for a spirit with a lower ABV, you can try our raspberry and rose, which uses a similar process, but only has half the alcohol of a standard gin. 

          A common way of drinking gin is in a gin and tonic. This essential cocktail is very quick to prepare, and all you need is your favourite gin, a good quality tonic water, ice and lime. Use a highball or whisky glass, fill it with ice and pour in 40ml of gin and 125ml of tonic water, then top it off with a teaspoon of lime juice. Give the drink a stir using a bar spoon and garnish it with a lime wedge or slice. You can alter the ratios of a gin and tonic to suit your tastes.

          Flavoured gin is increasing in popularity as various distilleries trial new and exciting flavour combinations. At Lark Distilling, we'll occasionally release new flavoured gin, and these are often limited in their production run. So, it's best to get in fast when they're released.

          What is the ideal temperature to serve Tasmanian gin?

          Tasmanian gin should be served very cold. You can even keep the bottle in the freezer to make sure it is at the correct temperature. You can keep an unopened bottle of gin in your home pantry or liquor cabinet, but it needs to be placed in the fridge overnight to get it to the best serving temperatures. 

          If you're having guests over unexpectedly and haven't had time to cool your gin properly, you can pour it into a glass containing ice. If you don't want the melting ice to dilute your gin, using a large ice cube is better than several smaller ones. A larger block of ice will take much longer to melt and keep your drink free of excess water. If you have room in the freezer, you can keep your gin in there indefinitely. All gin has a high ABV, and it will not freeze when placed inside a standard home kitchen.

          Where can I buy Tasmanian gin near me?

          The best place to buy Tasmanian gin is direct from the distillers. While you'll find plenty of gin in your local retail liquor store, often, they only stock the most well-known brands. When buying your gin directly, you'll have the option to choose from that particular distiller's entire catalogue of gin. At Lark Distillery Co., we have all our classic gin and the popular flavoured gin available online. When we have a limited released gin, this is usually only available directly through our shop. 

          When you're shopping for Australian spirits at Lark Distilling, you can choose to add any of these to a whisky delivery and have it sent directly to your home or place of business. After you place your order, it will be packed and ready to ship in one day. All orders are expected to arrive in under five days (regional centres will take 3-10 days to arrive). 

          Gin can make for an excellent gift, and we have several gin gift sets available. The Lark whisky tasting set or aged whisky will also make a fine gift for a close friend or corporate clients. Australian whisky and gin are perfect for adding to any liquor cabinet. These fine spirits can be used to make many cocktails or to enjoy neat. If you need assistance choosing the best gin or whisky for you, you can ask our staff. Alternatively, you can visit our cellar door for a tasting session.