Lark Distilling Co. launches Legacy — A Timeless Icon

14/05/ 2021
Lark Distilling Co. launches Legacy — A Timeless Icon

Tasmania’s Lark Distilling Co. is set to unveil its inaugural LEGACY release. Aged for 19 years, these are the rarest and oldest single malts to ever emerge from the House of Lark, representing the legacy created by Bill Lark when he founded Australia’s craft spirit movement in Tasmania almost three decades ago.

The inaugural LEGACY will be released as two bottlings—HHF582B and HHF585A—both crafted during Bill Lark’s tenure as Head Distiller at a renowned Tasmanian distillery. For nearly two decades these precious spirits were nurtured, soaking up complexity and history under the careful watch of Bill before finding their permanent homes in the Lark bond store.

19 years later, the results are a rich testament to the care and craftsmanship of Bill Lark that captures the spirit of his original pioneering vision, a Tasmanian legacy that will endure for years to come.

Legacy HHF582B is a marriage made in heaven. On the nose it has alluring aromas of Medjool dates, fig, green olive, and gingerbread dough and finishes with subtle hints of coconut, cloves, and toasted walnut. In contrast, Legacy HHF585A is a single cask expression which begins with salted caramels, liquorice, and peppermint ice-cream, elegantly finishing with dark chocolate, coffee, nougat, and nutmeg.

“To me, releasing this whisky symbolises the culmination of 19 years of wonderful whisky making in Tasmania. For a whisky nut like myself, and any whisky enthusiasts around the world, this Legacy series is a unique chance to experience a whisky that is the bedrock of the entire industry that we’ve built upon. This is a phenomenal milestone for us, but also the industry as a whole.”

Chris Thompson, Head Distiller

Bill Lark, founder of Lark Distilling, talks about the iconic status of Lark’s Legacy: “To think that we could lay a whisky down 19 years ago, in our infancy in Australia, and to come out with two whiskies like this, so rich and intense in flavour... it’s a great milestone. Wow, what a great celebration of Tasmanian whisky.”

Founded in 1992 by pioneer Bill Lark, Lark Distilling has been leading the charge in the Australian whisky revolution for almost 30 years. Lark Distilling houses a range of spirits headlined by its single malt whiskies, including the Classic Cask 43% and Cask Strength 58% and unique Limited Releases such as Rare Cask: PARA50 Vintage Tawny Cask. They also produce a range of Forty Spotted Gins, and handcrafted Tasmanian spirits and liqueurs, such as the Quiet Cannon Rum and XO Brandy.

As there is a limited amount of the Legacy release, those interested will need to enter into a ballot system during the promotional period via The promotional period will commence on Monday 8th March 6.00 AM AEST and finish on Sunday 14th March 3.00 PM AEST. Winners will be notified via email no later than Sunday 14th March.