Rose Gin

          Forty Spotted Wild Rose Forty Spotted Wild Rose
          Perfect over ice or with a dash of soda whilst dreaming of summer sunshine.
          40% ABV

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          At Lark Distilling Co., we make two different versions of rose gin. The first is a traditional gin using botanicals from wild rose and violets. This gin is noted for its citrus and pink musk sticks, which complement the juniper tones. The gin has a delightful pink hue and is perfect when served over ice or mixed with tonic water. If you're looking for something more than a classic Australian gin, then this wild rose gin could be the answer.

          Our other rose-infused spirits are not classified as gin because the ABV (alcohol by volume) is not high enough. But we found that many people were looking for a reduced alcoholic beverage that tasted similar to their favourite gin. In this botanical spirit, you'll find flavours of raspberry and rose. With only 20% ABV, you can enjoy these without worrying about overdoing it. In this excellent Australian spirit, you'll note flavours of tart raspberry and citrus, with a definitive grapefruit appeal. These spirits are ideal when mixed into a cocktail, and the pinkish-red hue will make any drink simply shine out of the crowd.

          All the gin produced at Lark Distilling Co. follows traditional methods, but we use botanical elements native to Tasmania. Currently, gin is back in favour, with people uncovering what makes these spirits some of the best in the world. Gin allows distillers to experiment with the native botanicals in the local area, and our master distiller has created some true masterpieces.

          The history of gin goes back to the 11th century when it was crafted by monks as a medicinal liquid. One can only imagine going to the doctor and being prescribed to drink gin. It probably made you forget about everything that was bothering you. It wasn't until the late 17th century that gin was sold in a commercial setting. During this time, gin was perfected, and several rules were created around what could actually be sold as gin. These include the ABV is above 37.5%, only using a neutral grain spirit, the main botanical and the most prominent flavour is required to be juniper. The rest of the flavour is up to the distiller, and this is where the enjoyment of tasting and drinking gin begins.

          What does rose gin taste like?

          All rose gin is different depending on the distillery. At Lark Distilling Co., our rose-infused gin uses the wild rose as a part of the botanical mix. While this may seem like you get inherently floral flavours, instead, you'll find a delightful citrus kick, followed up with the sweetness of pink musk sticks.

          Rose gin is a style of flavoured gin, and these can add extra colour and flavour to many gins based cocktails. Imagine serving up a standard gin and tonic, but instead of it being transparent, you have a light red to pink drink. The colour of a drink can lead to experiencing new flavours, as your mind can trick you into thinking something tastes a certain way because of how it looks. For example, you may think a pinkish drink only tastes of fairy floss (as they're the same colour), but then you're surprised by the additional punchy flavours of citrus and juniper.

          How do you serve rose gin?

          All gin should be served as cold as possible. The best place to keep rose gin is in the freezer. As the ABV of gin is high, it will not freeze, and it'll be ready to go whenever you need it. If you don't have the space in your freezer, it can be kept in the pantry. You can cool gin down by pouring it into a glass filled with ice. If you prefer not to have your gin diluted with too much water, use a large ice block instead of several small ones.

          The most common method for serving gin is to make a gin and tonic. The humble gin and tonic are a staple of most bars and is straightforward to make. Traditionally, gin and tonic are made in a highball glass, but you can use any glass. In addition to the gin and tonic water, you'll need a lime. Start by pouring about 40ml of gin into an ice-filled glass, then top it up with 125ml of tonic water. Finish the drink by stirring it with a bar spoon and adding a lime slice or wedge as a garnish; you can add some lime juice for additional flavour. The exact ratio for a gin and tonic is up to your personal taste, but standards are about one part gin to three parts tonic.

          Where can I buy rose gin near me?

          The best place to get your rose gin is directly from the distiller. At Lark Distilling Co., all our gins are available in our online shop, including any limited releases. While you can find many of our products in retail stores, buying these directly from a distillery means you can access everything we make, including our Australian whisky.

          If you're interested in gin, then you may prefer the flavours of some of our aged whisky. You can order a whisky tasting set and add it to any whisky delivery that includes the gin you choose. In addition to whisky, we also make some brilliant Australian liqueurs (e.g., lemon liqueur). These are available through our shop and can be added to any order.

          All our orders are handled by Australia Post (except for commercial quantities), and these will arrive at your door in under five days (or ten days for regional areas). For security purposes, a signature and suitable identification will be required on delivery. If you're not sure which gin is best for you, please contact our team, and we'll be glad to make some suggestions.