Whisky Gift Pack

          Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer Wolf Release IV + Lark Barrel Aged Imperial JSP IV Beer
          A collaboration of distinction.
          50% ABV
          Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II Symphony No.1 + Sherry Aged & Sherry Finished II
          The Perfect Whisky Gift. Symphony No.1 & Sherry
          Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish Classic Cask + Rum & PX Sherry Finish
          Our flagship Classic Cask and one of the greatest flavour pairings of all time.
          Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn Rum Cask Release III + Glencairn
          A spectacular joining of single malt whisky and our very own unique Tasmanian rum.
          55% ABV
          Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass Brandy & PX Sherry Cask + Glencairn Glass
          Full of dark forest fruits, bright citrus peel and Tasmanian brandy.
          48% ABV

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          Whisky Gift Pack

          Buying a whisky gift pack for friends, family, or even colleagues and clients can be an excellent idea. At Lark Distilling Co., we have several whisky gifts to choose from. For an excellent all-around experience, you can choose our whisky tasting flights. These will come with three 100ml bottles of the most popular releases and a Glencairn whisky glass. If you prefer, you can buy a gift pack containing two 100ml bottles or a pack with a single bottle that comes with our whisky glass. 

          Whisky is more than a gift; it is a promise to get together in the future and have an evening enjoying a good meal and a brilliant drink. Whisky will also keep for a long time; it won't age or go off while sealed in the bottle. This means that you can keep the bottle for an extended period and open it to share at any time in the future. Whisky has been used for generations to sit down and relax to talk about life and what makes the world interesting.

          How to choose the right whisky gift pack?

          Choosing the right whisky gift pack often depends upon who is receiving it. If you're sending the gift to a person that likes premium whisky, then they probably have an opinion about whiskies. You can talk to them and ask some probing questions. Try to find out what they specifically enjoy. Do they prefer a single malt whisky or a blend? What flavours do they like in a whisky? Are there any whiskies they are looking forward to trying? How old do they like their whisky to be? If they love whisky, they'll happily answer all your questions, and provided you make it seem like a normal conversation, they'll be none the wiser. Alternatively, you can always have a look in their whisky cabinet and see which bottle is the most empty - a sure sign that's the one they enjoy the most! 

          If you can't talk to the person you're planning on giving the whisky gift pack, your next best option is to read some whisky tasting notes. These notes will give you information about the flavours you can expect to find in that particular release. Try to find something you think appeals to your gift recipient. If you want to experience it, you can choose a whisky tasting set with a few different bottles and come complete with a Glencairn whisky glass. If you choose a set with three bottles, your gift recipient is sure to have an enjoyable experience.

          What is the best way to store whisky?

          If you are buying a whisky gift pack, you may like to write a note about how best to store the whisky. The serving temperature of Australian spirits will likely determine the best place to store them. Almost all whisky needs to be served at room temperature, or about 15-20oC. This means that you should keep your whisky in a cool place that doesn't see many temperature changes. For most domestic homes, you can place the whisky bottles in your pantry. 

          The best place to keep whisky is inside the bottle with the cap tightly closed. You may find some people like to use a whisky decanter, but these are not necessary and can actually harm your whisky if you keep it in there for an extended period. A whisky decanter is okay to use if you're having guests over. But other than looking good, a decanter won't do anything to improve the flavour of your whisky. Any decanter you choose needs to have a quality air-tight seal and be made from lead-free crystal; it is best to avoid vintage decanters. A whisky decanter can be fun to use, but they're not suitable for storing a quality whisky for more than a day or two. 

          Almost all top-shelf whisky will come in beautiful bottles. These bottles will offer additional information about your whisky, including where it was made and tasting notes. If you share a whisky gift pack, these details will provide interesting commentary and add to any discussion points. Keeping the bottle on hand serves as a good reminder of the whiskies you've tried and those you'd like to revisit in the future.

          Where can I buy whisky gift packs near me?

          The best place to buy a whisky gift pack is direct from the distillery. You may find whisky suitable for a gift at some retail liquor stores, but then you'll have to pack it up and send it yourself. By ordering online, you can set the shipping address to any location the distillery ships to, which can save you time. 

          If you want to add other products to your whisky delivery, you can do that easily. At Lark Distillery Co., we have an excellent range of Australian whisky, including aged whisky and smoky whisky. We are also well known for crafting some fine Australian gin..

          If you're not sure about the perfect whisky gift to choose from, then you can try our whisky tasting sets. These sets will come with a few bottles and give you a good guide for all the whisky we craft at Lark Distillery. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our team, and they'll give you their expert opinion. You can also visit our cellar door at any time and try many of our whiskies first-hand; it's the best way to pick out a whisky gift!