Which Whisky is Best?

Which Whisky is Best?

It can be challenging to determine which of the thousands of whiskies available is the best one. Realistically, where do you even start? Whisky has been in production since the early 15th century, and that only includes recorded history. It is generally accepted that whisky has a history that goes beyond those times.

If you’re looking for the most popular style, then single malt whisky wins hands down. In Scotland, peated whisky (also known as smokey whisky) follows traditional methods more closely than others, and some consider it the best-tasting whisky. However, others will disagree and cite a spicy whisky as being the most desirable. If you ask a collector, they may say any rare whisky is the best because of its scarcity. Rare whiskies are usually only available in limited stock, due to only a select amount being released or that its bottles are from defunct distilleries.

A good guide for the best-tasting whisky is how long it has matured. An aged whisky is often considered better than a younger whisky, and these are considered smooth and easy to drink. Even professional whisky judges cannot form a consistent opinion on which whisky is best. The accurate measure of any whisky is what the person drinking it thinks. To uncover the best whisky, you need to sample as many as possible.

How to choose the best whisky?

When you’re starting out tasting and drinking whisky, it can be challenging to find which whisky is best. There are simply so many available and picking one can seem a little daunting. However, you can buy a whisky tasting set (such as those available in our shop), and it’ll give you a taste of the style that the distillery strives towards.

In these whisky sets, you’ll receive one or more bottles of whisky, and it’ll come packaged with tasting notes. You can use these notes as a guide for the flavour you may experience. Tasting whisky is an enjoyable hobby, and it can be completed alone or as a part of a group. Whisky tasting will allow you to be as poetic or professional as you like, and as these are your opinions, there are no real wrong answers.

When you’re buying a whisky set or any Australian whisky, it can be an excellent idea to read the available tasting notes. In this description of flavours and scents, you can get a picture of what you may experience. In these notes, you should look for flavours that appeal to your preferences. For example, if you like butterscotch, try a whisky that includes this as one of the dominant flavours.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best whisky, you can look at recent international award-winning whiskies. These awards are handed out to the best top-shelf whisky, and they are highly sought after by distilleries. If you can’t get your hands on the exact winner (these are often snapped up by collectors), choosing something else from the winning distillery will give you a sample of what they can achieve.

A genuinely outstanding whisky will form an image in your mind and guide you through memories. For example, if you sip the whisky and the flavours transport you back to fond memories of spending time with family or friends, you can consider that whisky perfect for you.

Should whisky be refrigerated?

Whisky is best when served at room temperatures or around 15 to 18oC. If you live in a tropical zone or a moderately warm climate, you may need to refrigerate your whisky. However, storing whisky sealed in the bottle and placing it in a cool and dark location is suitable for most homes.

It may be best to store rare whisky in a cellar, as this will provide the most ideal conditions. If you have an expensive collection of whisky, you may prefer to use the services of a professional cellar. In these cellars, the temperatures and humidity are closely monitored using the correct cooling equipment and adequate ventilation.

When drinking whisky, if you feel the bottle is too warm, you can use a large cube of ice in your glass to cool it down. A large cube is better than smaller ones because it’ll take longer to melt. If you’re concerned about water being added to your whisky, you can buy whisky stones. These stones are often made from stainless steel, and they’ll need to be placed in the freezer for a few hours before use.

Where can I buy the best whisky near me?

The best way to buy whisky is directly from the distillery. At Lark Distillery, you’ll find all our whiskies currently available in our online shop. While many retail liquor stores will stock our label, they may not have the complete range, so you may miss out on some of the best ones.

You can buy whisky in our online shop at any time that is convenient for you. After you place an order, they will be dispatched via Australia Post eParcel. If you’re buying a whisky gift set, these can be sent to you or directly to the person you’re giving them to. All orders will need to be signed for, and we may request suitable identification on delivery.

If you need any assistance in choosing which whisky is best, please contact our team. Our highly trained staff can make recommendations based on your specific preference. Alternatively, you can visit our cellar door and taste any whisky from our collection of over 250 local and international whiskies. We’re open almost every day, and we love discussing everything whisky-related!