Rare Whisky

          Tokay 100 Rare Cask Release Tokay 100 Rare Cask Release
          Stunningly viscous and palate saturating, Tokay Rare Cask is a one-of-a-kind whisky moment.
          57.5% ABV
          Legacy Cask #HHF587A 20 Year Aged Single Malt Legacy Cask #HHF587A 20 Year Aged Single Malt
          HHF587A has been left to mature and find complexity naturally.
          65.8% ABV
          Legacy Cask #HHF584 20 Year Aged Single Malt Legacy Cask #HHF584 20 Year Aged Single Malt
          Legacy HHF584 is a story of simplicity and complexity.
          68.6% ABV
          Mizunara Rare Cask Release Mizunara Rare Cask Release
          Crafted from one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world.
          49.4% ABV
          Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur
          Born from the character and history of 30 year Seppeltsfield casks.
          46.5% ABV
          Para 50 II Rare Cask Release Para 50 II Rare Cask Release
          Finished in rare Vintage Seppeltsfield Para Tawny Casks.
          52.5% ABV
          Para 100 II Rare Cask Release Para 100 II Rare Cask Release
          Character captured through 100 years of history.
          61% ABV
          LARK x Glenfarclas Rare Cask Release LARK x Glenfarclas Rare Cask Release
          Made in casks that once held Glenfarclas 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
          63.2% ABV

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          Rare Whisky

          Rare whisky is often highly sought after by whisky enthusiasts and collectors. These exceptional whiskies are usually produced in small batches and can showcase flavours that you don't usually get in other whiskies. Occasionally they are the results of experimentation or a project. You may find that a rare whisky is made in a specific set of casks, and the results are often unexpected and unique; only the best are released to the public. 

          Whenever you purchase whisky, you have two choices as to how you use it. You can either enjoy your whisky alone or with company, or you can save it for special occasions. You'll find that many people will purchase a limited release whisky to be opened at their child's wedding, or they'll save it for when they hit a top sales target for their company. If you know someone who loves premium whisky, choosing a rare whisky from a trusted and highly skilled master distiller is an excellent option. 

          Occasionally a limited release whisky will increase in value, so you may find that in ten years or more, your investment will mature. However, then you're stuck with a new discussion, drink it or sell it? A difficult choice to make after holding onto it for that length of time.

          What does rare whisky mean?

          A rare whisky is one that is only released in a limited number of bottles, or one that is only available for a limited period. When discussing rare whiskies, it often means single cask whisky, small batch or unique single malts. A single cask aged whisky is often limited to five hundred to two thousand bottles. It all depends on the cask size and how much volume the bottles will hold. These whiskies are usually distilled for specific purposes. For example, the distillers may be using a new process, or the barrels are exceptional in some manner. If you have a single cask whisky, the flavours are often unique to that particular cask, and these results may be difficult to reproduce. With many single cask whiskies, the bottles are numbered and have a year mark stamped on the bottle. Although these bottles may be released each year, the flavours can be different each time, and some years may be better than others.

          The final classification for rare whisky is when you have old bottles from a distillery that is no longer in operation. These bottles of whisky are usually very well known in the community for their quality and were highly regarded when released. As bottled whisky does not age, the quality is generally consistent regardless of what year it was released. These bottles may have once been widely spread, but most of them are consumed, limiting the number currently available. You'll often hear about these whiskies when a bottle is up for auction. You may find these rare bottles are commonly over 30 years old, with some being over a hundred years old.

          Is rare whisky really worth it?

          Wherever you speak of worth with a commodity, it is often driven by demand. Finding an old dusty bottle of whisky in your shed won't make it automatically valuable. The value is garnered due to others wanting that specific bottle. If that old bottle is well known in the community for being an excellent tasting whisky, and the available bottles are very low, then you could be in for a windfall. 

          Whisky enthusiasts are quite passionate and enjoy sampling whiskies that are not available to everyone. Limited releases are often exciting and drive a lot of interest in the community. These bottles are not priced to exclude anyone, but they are priced to offset the cost of only making a small amount. A whisky distillery will often have hundreds of barrels, and these are blended together to get a consistent flavour. With a limited release, you generally only have a few casks, and if something goes wrong and the flavour is less than ideal, it won’t be released for sale. Producing a limited run is often quite risky for a distillery. 

          With most rare whisky, you are getting a feel for the skill of a master distiller. You can get uncommon marriages and single cask whiskies that offer something out of the ordinary. When you're working with only a few casks, the skill involved in crafting a great-tasting product is more apparent.

          Where can I buy rare whiskies near me?

          The best place to find any rare whisky is directly through the distillery of your choice. At Lark Distilling Co., we have several limited release bottles and blended whisky available in our online shop. Our whisky delivery team will carefully wrap and ship your order directly to your home or place of business.

          In our online shop, you'll find all the products currently available from our distillery. These products include our famous Australian gin (including our flavoured gin). If you need any assistance in choosing the best whisky and spirits for you, feel free to contact our team, and we'll offer our recommendations. Shop now!