Master Medal at the World Whisky Masters London - August 2023

Master Medal at the World Whisky Masters London - August 2023

Master Medal at the World Whisky Masters London - August 2023

Tasmanian Peated Single Malt and DARK LARK Single Malt were awarded the prestigious Master Medal, with a further eight Gold and one silver medal awarded across our world-class single malt whisky collection.

The World Whisky Masters, held in London overnight, is recognised as the world's most highly regarded spirits blind-tasting competition. Each coveted award rewards the finest whiskies from around the world and highlight each brands commitment and craft to the international market. 

The highlight of the event was the two prestigious Master Medals, awarded to our new-to-market Tasmanian Peated Single Malt Whisky and the captivating limited edition winter release, DARK LARK Single Malt Whisky. The awards, a testament to LARK's unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to pushing the boundaries of whisky production.

“LARK is deeply honoured and humbled by this incredible recognition at the World Whisky Masters. These are two very special whiskies. Tasmanian Peated is a firm favourite amongst our distilling team, and is a refreshing take on what Peated Whisky has to be, crafted with peat from our very own Central Highlands peat bog. Whilst DARK LARK, is a party in a bottle, a bright Single Malt to bring joy in the darkness of winter, full of amber glow'. We are delighted to be recognised in London, as one of the leading distillers in the world, re-shaping the future of Single Malt.”

- LARK Master Blender, Chris Thomson,


In addition to the Master Medals, LARK proudly claimed a remarkable haul of eight Gold Medals across their collection, including the iconic Classic Cask Single Malt, and the new Rebellion; a chinotto citrus cask Single Malt. These remarkable feat further cements LARK's reputation as one of the world's leading whisky producers and showcases the diversity and exceptional quality of the LARK range to the international market. 

The awards overnight at the 2023 World Whisky Masters serve as a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team, who strive tirelessly to produce whiskies that encapsulate the spirit of Tasmania. It pushes us to continue to innovate, to challenge the modern world of single malt whisky and to share the amazing Tasmanian single malt whisky with those around the world.

Complete World Whisky Masters 2023 Awards List
Australasia - Blended Malts
- LARK - Symphony no.1 - Gold Medal
Australasia - Single Malt Whiskies
- LARK - DARK LARK 2023 - Master Medal
- LARK - Tasmanian Peated - Master Medal
- LARK - Rebellion - Gold Medal
- LARK - Fresh IPA Cask - Gold Medal
- LARK - The Christmas Cask - Gold Medal
- LARK - Classic Cask - Gold Medal
- LARK - Rum Cask Release IV - Gold Medal
- LARK - Chinotto Cask II Cask Strength - Gold Medal
- LARK - Cask Strength - Gold Medal
- LARK - Whisky Bar Series: Savile Row - Silver Medal