Whisky Liqueur

          Slàinte Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur Slàinte Tasmanian Whisky Liqueur
          An ode to sugar and spice. A luxurious base for cocktails.
          32.9% ABV Whisky Liqueur

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          Whisky Liqueur

          At Lark Distilling Co., we take a lot of pride in the whisky liqueur we've created. These are the brainchild of our co-founder, Lyn Lark. We start by using our famous aged whisky as a base, and then there are a variety of botanicals added to make this delightful drink. The resulting liqueur is a delightful mix of spicy and sweet. All liqueurs use sugar and add it to a spirit base, but you'll first notice the intense and complex flavour before the sweetness with the best liqueurs. 

          In our whisky-based liqueur, you'll find aromas of orange and lemon, with spicy notes that include cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg. As our single malt whisky is the base spirit, caramel, vanilla, and oak flavours come to the fore. These flavours are followed by a light orange mix and end with a liquorice aftertaste.

          What are whisky liqueurs?

          When you're discussing Australian liqueurs, you can be talking about a broad group of different Australian spirits. All liqueurs will be made using distilled liquor as the base spirit. The most popular spirits to use are whisky, rum, and brandy. At Lark Distilling, all our liqueurs will use whisky as a base for crafting the final product. As we make use of a premium product in our whisky liqueur, the results are a smooth tasting spirit that draws on many of the characteristics of our aged whisky. However, by adding a select (and secret) mix of local Tasmanian botanicals, the resulting product is sweeter, and the flavours are easily discernible. 

          Liqueurs differ from hard liquor in many ways, but the most prominent are they tend to be sweeter, and usually, the ABV (alcohol by volume) is lower. Although a liqueur is made by taking a distilled spirit and adding sugar, you will find most are not overly sweet, and some are even quite bitter.

          Liqueurs are often made as an experiment, and as they do not take as long to craft as whisky and other distilled liquors, you get a return on your investment faster. A master distiller can add all different botanical elements and try to craft something completely unique. In the end, only the best whisky liqueur is released for sale. These liqueurs are often quite limited in supply, so it is best to snap them up when they're released if the tasting notes are appealing to you.

          How do you drink whisky liqueur?

          You can drink a whisky liqueur any way that you prefer. However, if it is your first time experiencing that particular liqueur, it is highly advisable to drink it neat. Drinking a liqueur neat will allow you to experience the full flavour spectrum, and you can adequately assess what other liquids it'll work well with. If you're tasting a whisky liqueur, you can complete it in the same fashion as tasting a top-shelf whisky

          A popular method for drinking a whisky-based liqueur is in a cocktail. One famous cocktail that uses whisky liqueur is the Rusty Nail. In this drink, you'll need a single malt whisky in addition to your liqueur. Start with 30ml of your favourite aged whisky, and add in 15ml of a whisky-based liqueur and pour over a whisky tumbler filled with ice. Give the drink a stir and garnish with a lemon zest twist. 

          Liqueurs are also brilliant for adding recipes for when you'd like to spice things up a bit. A liqueur can be added to cakes, puddings, and sauces to build and intensify flavours. If you have a recipe that calls for whisky or brandy, choosing a liqueur can be a good choice for something a little different from the norm.

          Where can I buy whisky liqueur near me?

          A whisky liqueur is a specialist product, and you may struggle to find these at most retail liquor stores. The best place to find them is by buying directly from a local distillery. At Lark Distilling, all our whisky liqueurs are available in our online shop. We have new releases each year, but they can occasionally sell out, so it is best to order when they're available. Ordering directly from the distillery is the fastest and most convenient method of getting the products you need.

          You can order our liqueur as a single bottle or add one to your total whisky delivery. A whisky liqueur can be an excellent introduction to tasting whisky, especially if you've had a limited amount of experience drinking hard liquor. Another great way to get started in the exciting world of whisky is with a whisky tasting set. These sets come packed with our famous Australian whisky and can be your guide to the delights of whisky tasting. Our staff are on hand for any assistance if you require it, and our cellar door is open every day if you'd like to drop by for a tasting session. 

          After you place an order in our online shop, it'll be ready for shipping in one business day (shipping from our cellar door is Monday - Friday). All orders are sent through Australia Post, and you can have them sent to your home or any business address. Your order is expected to arrive in 3-5 days for metro residential areas and 3-10 days for regional locations. On delivery, you'll need to sign for the package and provide suitable identification. If there are any issues with your delivery, don't hesitate to contact our team, and we'll assist in any way possible. Place your order now!