Peated Whisky

          Classic Cask Classic Cask
          For the connoisseur, the collector and the just curious. Enjoyed by anyone, any way they like.​
          43% ABV Double-distilled
          Cask Strength 58% Cask Strength 58%
          Artfully double-distilled and aged in a considered selection of small casks.
          58% ABV bold flavours
          Chinotto Cask II Release Chinotto Cask II Release
          Bitter toffee and smoked orange roll off the tongue with every sip.
          49% ABV
          Chinotto Cask II Cask Strength Chinotto Cask II Cask Strength
          2023 Single Malt Category Winner at the World Whiskies Awards.
          Origins Single Malt Whisky Origins Single Malt Whisky
          The Origins of Lark Whisky, created from the pure lakes of Tasmania.
          42% ABV
          Nola Whisky Bar Limited Release Nola Whisky Bar Limited Release
          Serving up a long and zesty single malt experience.
          55% ABV
          Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur Para 1992 Cask Finish with 100ml Tawny Liqueur
          Born from the character and history of 30 year Seppeltsfield casks.
          46.5% ABV

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          Peated Whisky

          Peated whisky from Lark Distilling is made by using peat from Browns Marsh in Tasmania. This peat is used to create the deep smoky flavour you get in our peated whiskies. This peat helps to seal in flavour, and the whisky takes on a unique flavour profile. In the whisky, you'll note there are flavours of intense vanilla and the sweetness of fruit cake. There are also flavours of intense citrus, butterscotch, and other stewed fruits. The Tasmanian peat offers a brilliant smoky quality that you won't find in an unpeated whisky. 

          While peated whisky makes use of peat, which is considered a fossil fuel, that rate of use means that our Tasmanian peat mined from Browns Marsh is not being harmed in any way. We only use a dozen Ute loads per year. Working with the International Mire Conservation Group, it was found there is enough peat to last 14,000 years. This is enough time for the peat to naturally replenish itself. 

          Whisky made with peat is often sought after by the whisky community because of the smoky flavours within. These whiskies are becoming rare as many distilleries will rely on commercially sourced malts. At Lark Distilling, we are committed to developing new ways of crafting whisky and holding up traditional methods.

          What is peated whisky?

          In explaining what peated whisky is, you'll need to know about peat. Peat comes from boggy areas where the decomposition of plant materials is very slow. Over many years (sometimes thousands), the peat accumulates in certain areas, and it is considered to be in the early stages of creating coal; peat is classified as a fossil fuel. When whisky was starting production in Scotland, peat was the most common fuel source. Peat was the primary fuel source in Scotland as it was readily available in many parts of the county. It was burned in homes for warmth and used in distillery kilns. 

          In a peated whisky, peat is used to heat the kiln to craft the malt for whisky production. When peat is burned, it releases a lot of aromatic smoke. This peat smoke is absorbed by some malted barley, similar to how you get smoke into meat. When whisky is made from this peat-smoked barley, some flavours are apparent, and whisky connoisseurs often seek the smoky flavour.  

          Peated whisky is a tribute to traditional Scottish methods. Today, most modern distilleries use other fuel sources in the kilns. However, there is something to be said about a good and well-crafted traditional peat-smoked whisky. It can give you a unique flavour that is not available in some modern whiskies. Peated whisky is an excellent choice if you're looking for the taste of tradition and original flavour.

          What food goes well with peated whisky?

          The best food to go with peated whisky is very similar to those that work with other Australian whiskies. Almost all whisky made using a peat process will come with a smoky quality, making it ideal for serving with roasted and grilled meat. If you're enjoying a late afternoon BBQ, then this will work perfectly with your whisky. If you want to keep up with the smoke flavours, smoked salmon will be an excellent option. 

          As whisky can contain fruit and butterscotch flavours, it makes it ideal for pairing with sweet dishes. Rich dark chocolate is enhanced when you're drinking an aged whisky. You can also enjoy a single malt whisky with fruit pies or crumbles. Any whisky that is flavoured with honey or caramel will work best with a fruit crumble. Lighter fruit pies, such as apple pie, will work better with a lighter and more fragrant whisky. 

          Cheese is another excellent option for pairing with whisky. You'll find that cheese that works well with red wine is a perfect accompaniment to your favourite top-shelf whisky. Cheese is ideal on a serving platter when you're having some guests over, as it allows them to choose whisky, wine, or gin as their after-meal drink of choice. 

          If you're serving many people at a party or afternoon BBQ, then putting together a charcuterie board filled with cheeses, cured meats, chocolate, and dried or fresh fruits are ideal. When serving your favourite whisky, creating a board filled with nibbles is a brilliant method for giving everyone what they want.

          Where can I buy peated whisky near me?

          At Lark Distilling Co., we have an excellent collection of peated whisky in our online shop. These can be ordered directly from our shop, and we'll pack up your whisky delivery and send it to your home or business. All our Australian spirits are delivered by Australia Post. Most orders arrive in less than five days, with some regional areas (depending on location) arriving in less than ten days. All orders will require a signature and proof of age on arrival. 

          If you haven't tried a peated whisky before, it is included in some of our whisky tasting sets. These sets can give you an introduction to the many styles of whisky we are crafting at Lark Distillery. If you're not sure about which whisky is best for you, all the tasting notes are available, which will give you a good idea of the flavours. Alternatively, you can contact our team, and they'll provide solid advice on the best whisky to get started with. Our cellar door is open in Tasmania, and you're welcome to drop by for whisky tasting at any time.