Smokey Whisky

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          Smoky Whisky

          Smoky whisky is another name for peated whisky. At Lark Distilling, we use peat selected from Browns Marsh in Tasmania. In our smokey or peated whisky, you’ll find there are some unique qualities. The whisky has a distinctive Christmas cake-like flavour, followed by a subtle yet noticeable smokey quality. In addition to the stewed fruits of Christmas cake, you’ll also note flavours of citrus and butterscotch. 

          Our distillery is also known as the operator of the smallest mining operation, as peat is technically a fossil fuel. Working with land care agencies (International Mire Conservation Group), it was found that there is no impact on the marsh due to the low amount of peat we use. In any given year, we’ll only take a dozen of Ute loads away to prepare the malts for our smoky whisky. 

          A whisky that contains smokey notes is often highly sought after in the whisky community as it reflects the traditional methods used in Scotland. When whisky was first being produced, peat was the most common fuel source used. However, as other fuel became available, peat fell out of favour, partly because of the levels of smoke produced when it was burned. Many modern distillers will rely on commercially sourced malts to make their whisky. At Lark Distilling, we endeavour to maintain the traditional whisky-making methods while adding our personal twist to the mix. 

          What is smoky whisky?

          All smoky whisky should use peat as a part of the malting process. Peat is a naturally occurring part of most marshy areas and is caused by the slow decomposition of plant materials. The peat can take hundreds or thousands of years to form, and it is considered the early stages of coal. In Scotland, peat used to be the most common fuel source. It was easy to collect, it burned well, and lasted a long time. When the Scottish people started making whisky, peat was used as the fuel source for the kilns, and the whisky took on a smokey quality. 

          The way smokey qualities get into whisky is by using peat as the fuel source to heat the kiln for crafting malt. The smoke from peat is very aromatic, which permeates into the barley, similar to how you would smoke a fish or meat. When the whisky is made from the smoke infused barley, the smoky flavours come out in the whisky. 

          Peated whisky is often seen as a homage to the original methods used in Scotland, and there are still many distilleries making whisky in the same fashion. However, as newer (and less troublesome) fuel sources became available, peat ceased to be used in many distillers. Many whisky enthusiasts will still look for that original smokey quality in their whisky. If you’re looking to experience the origins of whisky, then choosing the smoky whisky from Lark Distilling is an excellent choice.

          What food goes well with smoky whisky?

          Many people are unaware of matching food with whisky. But, with top-shelf whisky, not only is it a good idea, it can actually enhance the flavours of both. For a premium Australian whisky that has a smoky flavour, you can mix this with several foods. What you eat with your whisky may depend on when you drink it. You can have roasted beef or grilled pork ribs with a spicy rub for a regular meal. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, you can enjoy a smoked salmon dish and double down on the smoke flavours. 

          If you’re enjoying your whisky after dinner, you may prefer to match it with any type of fruit crumble. This dish will highlight the butterscotch flavour in your smoky whisky or any aged whisky. For chocolate lovers, deep, rich dark chocolate works incredibly well to draw out the sweet flavours of the whisky you’re drinking. 

          Cheese can be an excellent accompaniment to a whisky tasting set that includes a smoky or peated whisky. Any cheese that works with red wine will go perfectly well with whisky. Try using soft nutty cheeses or aged hard cheese. If you’re sampling many whiskies at once, you can work out which particular cheese works best with each whisky.

          Where can I buy smoky whisky near me?

          The best place to find a smoky whisky is in our online shop. While you may find many whiskies in a retail liquor store, they may not have a complete range available. When you buy direct from any distillery, you’ll have access to their entire catalogue of whiskies. Placing a whisky delivery can be completed quickly in our store as all our products are well laid out, and you can find the tasting notes listed on each detailed product page. 

          All our orders are processed in less than one business day. If you’re looking for a new whisky experience, or after any of our famous Australian gins (including our unique flavoured gin), or any other Australian spirits. Our packages are handled by Australia Post, and they’ll arrive at your door in under five days, or ten days for some regional locations. Our team is on hand if you need any assistance in choosing the perfect smokey whisky. If you’re buying whisky as a gift, it can be sent directly to any address you like. Order today from Lark Distillery for fast and secure delivery of your favourite whisky.