Whisky Delivery

          LARK x Garage Project Fresh IPA Cask LARK x Garage Project Fresh IPA Cask
          An outrageously vibrant single malt with a tropical edge.
          46% ABV
          Single Cask Release - #LD2492 Single Cask Release - #LD2492
          The third and final release in the highly anticipated Single Cask Collection.
          43.6% ABV
          LARK x Del Kathryn Barton Art Release LARK x Del Kathryn Barton Art Release
          An unparalleled Australian collaboration with artist del kathryn barton.
          48.1% ABV

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          Whisky Delivery

          At Lark Distilling Co., we feel that a whisky delivery should be easy to order. In our online shop, you'll have access to all the whisky we currently have available. We have included tasting notes on all our whisky to make it easier for you to choose one that you'll enjoy. 

          If you're ordering a whisky delivery as a gift, choosing a whisky gift set is an excellent option. In these sets, you'll have the choice of one or two bottles, and some even come complete with a suitable Glencairn whisky glass. Whisky as a gift is more than giving someone a bottle of premium whisky; these are a promise to get together and share it in the future. A bottle of top-shelf whisky can also make for the perfect corporate gift. Whisky is regularly given to staff or clients to thank you for all their help and guidance throughout the year. 

          All whisky produced at Lark Distilling is made by passionate people and designed for those who love a quality product. The ingredients that go into our whisky are chosen for their quality and ability to create brilliant tasting products. We know that once you try Lark whisky, you'll be coming back time and time again.

          How to choose the right whisky?

          There are many ways to choose a quality aged whisky for your whisky delivery. When you first start looking at whisky, a good guide is to look for award winners. Whisky awards are usually offered for specific releases and the distillery as a whole. The more prestigious the award, the more you can rely on it as worthy of your attention. Another great way to uncover the best whiskies is to look at what reviewers say about specific bottling. However, as whisky tasting can be highly subjective, and true mastery is gained by experience, it is good to look for a consensus rather than follow one person. 

          Relying on the information of others is a good guide for choosing a top-shelf whisky, but the ultimate method is to taste the whisky for yourself. Going on a cellar door tour of a popular whisky distilling region is an excellent way to try many different whiskies in a short amount of time. Tasmania is home to around 60 different distilleries, although not all of them have an open cellar door. At Lark Distilling Co., our cellar door is open every day, and you can visit anytime you like. Our expert staff can guide you through a whisky flight, and you'll sample some of our best whisky. If visiting is not on the cards, then adding a whisky tasting set to your whisky delivery is the next best option. 

          In the Lark whisky tasting set, you'll have the choice of several different sets and our branded Glencairn whisky glass. A whisky tasting set will give you a brilliant guide to our premium single malt whisky. When tasting whisky, look for the three main components; appearance, aroma, and palate. Using these three together will give you an overall picture of everything the whisky has to offer. You can read our tasting notes on each of the whiskies in the tasting set, and it'll help you uncover some of the more subtle flavours. Adding a few drops of water to the whisky you're tasting can also help make the flavours more apparent.

          Which foods pair best with whisky?

          When ordering a whisky delivery, knowing what foods best pair with whisky is a great way to make your selection. Most people know that you should pair wine with food to get the best out of it, but food and whisky are also a brilliant combination. If you've paired food and wine together, then you'll find that food pairings for whisky are similar to those of red wine pairings. Ideally, you'll want to match similar tasting foods to the flavours of your whisky. For example, with a smoky peated whisky, you can enjoy the delights of smoked salmon as these flavours compliment each other and enhance the overall taste. 

          If you prefer a single malt Australian whisky with flavours of butterscotch or honey, you can pair it with fruit crumbles. With aged whisky, these will match incredibly well with dark rich chocolate. A fragrant light whisky is ideal with warm apple or apricot pies. 

          Cheese is brilliant with most whiskies. You can use soft cheeses, such as brie or camembert, or if you prefer a harder cheese, then use Gouda (perfect for peated whisky) or Stilton (especially with dark fruit flavoured whisky). If you're serving whisky to your friends, crafting a cheese board is an excellent accompaniment. If you're looking for a food pairing for other Australian spirits, cheese works incredibly well with classic gin and flavoured gin alike.

          How to get whisky delivered to your home?

          At Lark Distilling Co., we have a brilliant collection of fine Tasmanian whisky. You can place an order for a whisky delivery through our online shop. All orders are posted within a day of being received, and they are handled by the team at Australia Post (except for commercial quantities). After the order has shipped, it'll arrive in less than five days, or ten days for some regional towns. Every order will require a signature on delivery, and you may be requested to show suitable identification. 

          If you need help selecting the right products for your whisky delivery, feel free to contact our team. We are passionate about whisky, and we’ll match you to one of our whiskies based on your flavour preferences.